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Friday, July 31, 2009

King Beds and the Front to Back Rider. i'm sure this is impossible to believe -- but i finally remembered to bring in my camera... i plugged it in to download photos and the battery ran out just before it would download photos of the house.... so now everyone is just going to have to wait to see these photos until next week! argh!!! i swear this would only happen to me.

oh well, now i'll take new photos over the weekend and have even more to show you.

Ok, so I must say the "Beer Summit" was retarded. Why did everyone look so awkward drinking a beer? i would have been ordering several -- it's at the white house so you know they're on standby with more beer - plus, i would have been nervous and I always drink more when I'm nervous - which doesn't always work out the way it's supposed too.... I also like how this gave talk show hosts the opportunity to drink beer while discussing the beer summit. Neil Cavuto had beer all over his desk and was drinking them too! And why is it that the cop was the only one who gave a press conference? Why didn't Professor Gates issue a statement?? I think it would have been nice for him to release a statement instead of jet-setting off to Napa... jerk.
Anyways, I hope the cop will be left alone now. Since the incident his family has had to be protected -- which is totally messed up.

King Beds
So, taking Stephanie's advice, I'm going to address the issue of the king size bed. So when my friends come over, they always think Drew and I are crazy that we don't have a king bed. It frankly doesn't bother me at all -- I like a queen bed, neither drew nor I hog the bed and I like our bedframe. Plus, there's so many other things I'd like to do before buying a king bed. Drew disagrees, but it's ok.

Stephanie on the other hand, completely understands why people in the old days used to have twin beds - and I think when she's married she may opt for a room with two twin beds. Because she is just not comfortable being in a queen size bed with someone else -- she worries about being closterphobic, it getting too hot, someone being in her personal space, etc. I have never worried about this at all, but apparently it's a big concern for her.

Here's Stephanie pictured here in all her glory!
post your vote in the comments section -- queen, twin or king bed?!

So, now let's get to the good stuff -- THE FRONT TO BACK RIDER! I'm sure it's quite obvious that none of us have a child -- and we probably shouldn't be allowed to handle one either. A few weeks ago we had a girls night/baby shower at Brittany's for her little girl, Presley Lee to be born in a few weeks. Jennifer got her this awesome gift modeled below, THE FRONT TO BACK RIDER.


What is that extra strap hanging down in the picture on the right? Does that go between your legs???

And also, Grace, we know you like to hoola hoop. What do you do anyways, pack it in your car and break it out at parties???

Last, one comment I would like to make, note the picture above with the lamb and the picture below of the lamb. Why are lambs so popular for babies??? When I have a baby, the nursery is going to be gushing with LAMBS EVERYWHERE. AND GRACE, i bet your nursery will have lambs hoola hooping.

I'm just glad we got all the red wine off this lamb that we spilt on it! whew, that was a relief!

that's it, happy friday!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's Going to be One of those Days...

So I got all excited because I finally remembered to get the camera cord out of drew's computer bag so I could upload photos, BUT now... I forgot the camera. Damnit. So you'll just have to wait until tomorrow to see those photos I promised. Oh well.

Last night was lame... Drew is sick (even though he thinks he isn't - he had 101 fever) and I'm doubled over in pain, so we ate grilled cheeses. I think he has the swine flu and he thinks he can go to work today. whatever....

Anyways, so I was watching the news last night and I am so happy that today is political day because I have a few things I need to get off my chest. So, apparently our president asked for budget cuts to be made -- $100 million to be exact. Well his ridiculously smart and savvy cabinet said they can do better than $100 million -- so they cut out $102 million. Look at what cost savings they did and your jaw will drop. This is such common sense I don't know why on earth we vote on anyone to do anything -- what a bunch of idiots!!! The wall street journal had these things as budget cuts...

  • The Justice Department is printing on both sides of paper, saving an estimated $573,000 through fiscal 2010.
  • Homeland Security will email documents more often, instead of printing them, saving $318,000.

  • Homeland Security will also drop subscriptions and start getting news free online, saving $47,160.
  • The Forest Service will stop painting white vehicles green as soon as it gets them.
  • The Navy will delete unused email accounts to save $5 million.
  • FEMA will start reusing or selling old trailers, rather than dumping them, saving $3.8 million.
OH MY GOSH -- seriously, how many subscriptions does Homeland Security need. And what all are they reading anyways??? Can't they get a free subscription -- I get them all the time at work... Companies make exceptions and I'm pretty sure the White House is an exception. And why do we need to repaint white vehicles green? I don't think that's a priority... And this is just the start.... I heard on the radio the other day that Congress men and women were going to start booking travel online through Expedia and stuff instead of going through a travel agency. DUH... i swear, I don't even know why we bother voting on these stupid people. and if this crap doesn't make you mad you've got something wrong with you. If these are just some of the things, imagine what else they are wasting our money on. UGH!

Now what I do like is the fact that the president is having the Harvard Professor and the Cambridge cop at his house tonight for a beer -- you know, to bury the hatchet... And apparently people are upset over the chosen beers that they will be drinking tonight -- They chose, Bud Light, Blue Moon and Red Stripe. And while that might offend some people, those choices would motivate me to go to the white house. I like all of those, a lot!

Ok, so I'm out, but I thought I'd leave everyone with one final quote for the day... Leave your comments below if anyone can figure it out!

Ninety eight percent of the adults in this country are decent, hardworking, honest Americans. It's the other lousy two percent that get all the publicity. But then, we elected them.
Lily Tomlin

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

TV Recap

And now the moment we've all been waiting for! My favorite TV shows!

Alright, let's start with the Food Network Star --

Melissa is amazing. She is defo the best cook and if they give the award to Jeffrey I'm going to be bummed. Thank the Lord they kicked Debbie off, but she needed to be kicked off -- she is just lousy. And did she mention she's Korean? Goah, WE KNOW DEBBIE, WE KNOW. I can tell by looking at you that you're not white, black or hispanic. You don't have to remind me every time that you're Korean and you grew up in the US... I got that by mere observation.

Alright -- how about the Bachelorette finale. #1, Kipton is so hot. I can't believe she got rid of him -- well actually I can because she's kicked off the good ones all season long. And didn't we all know Reid was going to come back (I hope he made a lot of money for getting rejected twice on national TV). And Thanks Jillian for not taking someone else's proposal -- at least you had to think about it but came out with the right decision. I love how they show pictures of Kipton shirtless running on the beach with his low cut swimsuit and abs, and they show Ed in a flanel shirt standing in the woods. Nice screen shots ABC. Anyways, I like Ed, but that ring is hideous -- I probably would have told him no over that... There was a lot going on on that thing... And I guess I was so worked up over the Bachelorette that I didn't even watch Animal Cops... (I know, I'm mad at myself too)

then last night was the After the Rose show -- but we could only watch that after we watched again how Jillian dumped Reid and Kipton.. Why did they have to play that again? we all watched it the night before... Any why does Jillian always jump and wrap her legs around people... she does it every show. literally. Boy, her and Reid talking was awkward to say the least. And while I know he has a lot of fans, his hair looks like he stuck his finger in a light socket. and my last comment on the show is Chris Harrison is funny. I liked when he gave Reid the rose from that goofy girl that stood up...

And you know what other show I am addicted too -- Entourage. It's like Sex and the City for guys -- but I watch it every Sunday with Drew , oh and we watch Hung, but I can't tell if I'm into that yet or not. I think I'm going to buy all the past seasons of Entourage and catch up on it on my days off.

I guess that's it for now. I found out yesterday I have a sist on my ovary, so that's why I didn't catch up on everything yesterday. Out of all the problems I have, i totally underestimated how much these hurt... BLAH. Post comments below if anyone can figure it out.

I'm finally back!

Ok, so I'm finally back, and I have lots to catch up on. My brother gave me this great idea to have more of a form to my blog, so Tuesday's are going to be TV recap day and Thursday's are going to be political day. Everything else is fair game.

Before we go any farther though, Happy B-Day Ryan!

Ok, so Thursday night I guess I just chilled, and Friday they came out and installed the security system! So now I'm totally safe, and as a matter of fact, I accidentally set the alarm off this morning, so I know it works. And I learned this -- my screens are NOT just simple solar screens, they're wired so if anyone removes them or cuts through them, the alarm goes off, so now someone can't even tamper with my house -- ha! And as ya'll know, we're still watching Duke, who is about the size of a horse -- when the security guy got there, he was like, " what do you need an alarm system for," and then I had to explain to him that wasn't my dog...

So after he installed the system, I met my mom to pick up tile samples, and there was a lot of good ones -- but Drew and I chose one and now we're just waiting for it to arrive so we can lay it -- err, he can lay it! woo hoo. we have ripped out half the carpet in our house though! it looks funny... So then that night, my friends Mandy, Brianne and I met up for happy hour and then went and ate at 1308 Cantina. Everything was great there until we left and i set my hand on a cactus - OUCH! I still had the stickers in my hand saturday!

Now Saturday was an awesome day... Amy and i spent about three hours out at Laurie's, and I may be getting a part time job there -- mostly because I just like it there -- I'm obsessed with every piece of furniture they have. literally. We talked to Laurie for forever, and then stopped by McDonald's and went home. Amy ordered an awesome chair and I got a baller lamp and candle. Then I went over to Scott and Heather's that night for some R&R.

Sunday I went with Amy and her sisters to a winery in Bryan (Messina Hof) -- which was a lot of fun. Somehow one of the girls that went with us I went to high school with... she told me she hung out in the kicker group and then dropped out -- so that might be the reason I didn't remember her.... Hmmm, I guess.

Then I had Monday off too -- so I layed around and cleaned. Which it didn't even make sense why I cleaned because those two stupid dogs just tore everything up again. I swear, any chance of Lady getting a friend has gone completely out the window. She is so annoying around other dogs.

Ok -- since I'm behind, let's do TV Recaps! I'm going to do it in a different post, so read that one too!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

today's post

promise to post good stuff tomorrow. i have to go to the dr this afternoon --- long night. I'll explain later!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'll keep my freedom, guns, and can keep THE CHANGE.

Did anyone watch that idiot talk about healthcare last night -- oh, or the fact that following up on a reported break in was a racist thing to do and the Massachussetts police acted out of stupidity... I am beginning to think our prez is on crazy pills.

AND, isn't Barack half white anyways? I think he bailed on white people a long time ago...

and last, I'm pretty sure all those independents who were swayed to vote for Nobama are started to be way concerned about the way things turned out. WHOA!

Alright, so I didn't write anything yesterday because to be honest, I just haven't been feeling that funny this week. But I've got a few things on my mind, so we'll start there.

Numero Uno -- if everyone likes reading my blog so much, write some dang comments or rate it for crying out loud.
Numero Dos -- Today is my Friday because I don't have to work tomorrow AND I have Monday off. I am so pumped about this!!! And I'm getting the alarm system set up tomorrow so I will feel safe. To be honest, I probably don't even need them to set it up right now, because we're watching Beau and Jen's mastiff -- which is about the size of a horse. I don't know anyone who would want to break and enter with Duke laying around! And I've got to say, yes, he's a sweet dog, but goally it's a lot of slobber! And also, whenever I've gone to Beau and Jen's he just lays around, but at our house he is running around as much as lady... it looks hysterical to see a 200 pound dog try to run fast on tile.... and it also doesn't work.

I slept in Monday and didn't go to boot camp, but went yesterday and pretty much feel like my arms are going to fall off today because we did so many push ups. I had trouble falling asleep last night my shoulders hurt so bad. Oh, that and I had a giant dog panting in my face...

Officially Drew and I made the decision to re-tile ourselves (when I say this, I mean Drew and his friend are going to do the project, not me). So in the next week or so we're going to start tearing out carpet and I can't wait. Between all the weddings is when we'll retile, but I'm pumped about it!

I don't really know too much else.. if anyone has a random topic for me to explore this Thursday, let me know!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dum da da dummmmmmm

Ok, today is Tuesday, and there's really not a lot going on in my life, but let me fill you in on what's new.

The Bachelorette last night was somewhat lame. Didn't we all pretty much assume that Reid was going to come back? I mean here is what the possible outcomes are going to be:

Option a - Reid comes back and it doesn't matter, she loves someone else, which means he's going to completely flash in front of millions of viewers on national tv.

option b - Reid comes back and she chooses him, because she seems to really like those guys who want to smother her in compliments and attention and she gets engaged to him.

option c -- Reid comes back and she choose him and they don't get engaged, because Reid has a fear of commitment.

The best outcome is Option D - where none of the three guys propose and life goes on. I don't think I'm such a fan of Jillian -- But I am a fan of Jake -- he should defo be the next bachelor. Or Ed - he was really funny when they showed those drunk clips of him.

Alright, so after the Bachelorette came on Animal Cops Houston -- and I'm not going to dwell on this too much, except for one story that just broke my heart. Someone in Phoenix hog tied a dog, put it in a trash can and tied the lid on and left the trash can in the middle of the road for someone to hit. Well a man stopped to move the trash can and heard something whimper and that's how he found out an animal was in there, and he called the SPCA, end of story. The dog is great now, but what kind of a-hole does that to an animal? If I ever saw someone do something like that, they'd have another thing coming.

Earlier today I emailed Senator John Cornyn to let him know NOT to vote for nationalized health care because he represents me and i want my vote heard. AND if they really want to solve health care, why don't we send all the illegals back where they came from, or start forcing them to pay taxes so I don't have to pay for all their trips to the ER. Now that I've said my peace, let's hope this thing stalls out so they don't get a bill approved prior to their break in August or any other time. There is straight up just a bunch of whackos in Washington messing things up. If they want to stimulate the economy and solve all the other problems, they should give us our money back -- I can spend it faster than they can anyways. Comments on this subject are welcome so long as you agree with me. If not, your comments will be deleted.

So at lunch today I had to go to the dentist, and as usual, they lectured me on flossing. Does anyone else floss because I sure hate it. I mean i do it occasionally, but I guess not near as much as i should. I've got to go back in a few weeks and have another crown put in. BLAH. Cleaning my teeth, not a problem. Crowns are a whole nother issue. I just wince thinking about them drilling out my fillings now. EEECK!

Then we went to lunch at Central Market and I went to shake my lemonade and didn't realize the top was loose on the jar and it spilt all over me. So now I'm sitting at work all sticky. Gross.

things have honestly been pretty dull the last 24 hours of my life. I'll try to step it up tomorrow.

Have a great day!

Oh -- and on a serious note--- everyone should say a prayer for that soldier over in Afghanistan who is being held hostage. He looks really scared in that video and I hope he makes it out alright!

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Working. On a Monday.

Today is Monday, what, what!! And there's only two good things that come out of a Monday. Actually there's three good things.

1. The Bachelorette - Men Tell All comes on tonight
2. Animal Cops comes on at 9.
3. You get to read my blog that recaps my weekend, and boy did a lot happen this weekend! Get ready!

Alright, so let's recap starting Friday night, which started off awful.....

So, around 6:00 or so, I stroll outside to get the mail and Lady came outside with me. Well, while I'm standing at the mailbox, I see her messing with something in the yard... I originally assumed it was a snake, but as I walked closer, I realize it's a teeny, tiny, itty, bitty baby bird... It's so little that until the bird started chirping for it's mom, I couldn't even see it... So anyways, being the animal freak that I am, I rush inside to get Drew to save the bird. But anyone that knows anything about birds knows you can't touch them or their mom will not want them back. I'm so upset because the little bird doesn't even have enough feathers to try and fly. So I call my mom, the SPCA, Petsmart and the Texas Wildlife reserve. NO ONE will answer the phones after 5 on a Friday which begs the question, Who is really saving animals because no one is answering the phone in an emergency!!! Anyways, so I try to see if I can scoop it up and put it back in the nest but I can't reach it, even from a ladder... I was so upset.... So I put some twigs and other stuff in the grass near it so when I got home later that night I could check on it. If it was still there, I was going to take it in the house. But I got home around 12:30 and Drew and I looked all in the yard and there was no bird... :( I had nightmares that night that Drew mowed the lawn and killed it. But hopefully the mom rescued the little bird.

Alright, so after this huge ordeal, I headed to Brittany's for her girls night/baby shower and it was sooo much fun! She is ready to pop though that's for sure! I couldn't even find her ankle it was so swolen! Baby Presley's room is so cute and I just don't think I can wait another month until she gets here. I told Brittany to start eating spicy food and walk a couple miles to make this thing happen. I'm free next weekend so that would be perfect for me!

Saturday, we had Frank and Brittany's shower at Jen's art gallery and it was awesome, and after that we headed to Lauren's house for her bday party. That was fun too, I think we played categories in her pool for 3 hours! The next morning I felt like I needed an IV running water in my body. Drew made me breakfast in bed, which was cool, and then we had to spend the day running more errands around Texas.

Last night the Next Food Network Star was on and I am so addicted to this show. Melissa is so totally going to win and if she doesn't, i am boycotting it entirely. Debbie has got to go, everything is always everyone else's fault but hers.

Last comment and then I"m done for the day... This morning I was driving to work and was going through the intersection where I hit that homeless lady, and guess what? A homeless person was getting out of her car to sit on the corner for the day. And it was a nice silver car. Which proves the point that some homeless people actually just sit there for money. jerks.

Maybe I'll have something later!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Addendum to It's Friday's Post...

**** Drew would like everyone to know his shirt is not denim, it's baby blue.***** read the post below to understand.

It's Friday - that's whats cracka lackin'!!

Hooray, I made it all the way through until Friday!!!! Thank goodness, the only thing that sucks about the next few days is I actually have to work on Monday. Lame.

OH well. So let's talk about this! Amy and Ryan came over for dinner last night which was a lot of fun, and yes, we drank a lot of beer. In all of this funness, I had to break the seal, so I trotted on back to the bathroom and guess what happened? I rolled my freaking ankle on one of Lady's dog toys. So even though Drew says nothing is wrong with it, my foot really hurts today -- it is definitely swollen, but he downplays everything. I'm pretty sure the bone could have broken through the skin and Drew would tell me nothing is wrong with it. It hurt bad during boot camp. I think today's post is going to be long...

First off -- TONIGHT's the NIGHT! We are celebrating Brittany B's baby over at her house tonight! While she and Beth can't drink, I'll be sure to have a few extra just for them -- I can't wait to see Decker either! I got her the cutest freaking baby gift so i'm pretty pumped about that. I love buying baby stuff and I don't even have a baby.... Then, tomorrow night we have a shower for some of Drew's friends and then I'm off to Lauren's house to celebrate her Bday! CONGRATS LAUREN! YOU MADE IT ANOTHER YEAR - YOU DID IT! i love bdays, especially when the house i'm going to has a pool. Bdays are way cooler when you have a pool at your house. And a dog that rescues you when you fall in the water.

Ok, well as Ryan and I were talking last night about how cool my blog is, I decided I am going to do something a little innovative... Photos of the Week -- . Now I know I promised pictures of the house, but I keep forgetting that stupid cord, so instead, let's take a trip down memory lane...

Can anyone guess who this handsome fellow is? This is Drew -- with poison ivy on his eye!

Next, up we have Drew as Boy of the Year - Temple style. That's right, he might not dress up these days other than his dress boots, but at age 5, he was stealing ladies hearts with that Southern twang and maroon bow tie.

And last, but definitely my favorite is Drew as a model. If I'm right, I think he was a model for denim, no brand, just material. As you can see, he wore denim in just about any type of clothing made. The only thing missing here is a denim jacket.

But if anyone doubts how cute he is, let's look at this photo. Drew is like a fine wine, he just gets better with age! Simple disclaimer to Drew should he read this blog today: I think you are wonderful, so please don't hold hte funny photos against me, we've all got them. But most of us kept them hidden....


Thursday, July 16, 2009


So much for my Face-cation. I've pretty much been on facebook ever since I said I wouldn't. So after what I got today, I am really going on a face-cation. Get this:

So they have this quiz -- which leading lady are you? So I decided to take it. First Question -- What is the biggest problem in your life? Seriously? Seriously. This is what's going to determine what kind of leading lady I am? (does anyone else like how I write my blog exactly how I would say something?) .... to be honest, it's sort of hard to narrow down all the problems in my life. So I identified it as not having enough money to feel fulfilled. Truthfully, I need a whole lot of money to feel fulfilled and I think Drew is completely aware of this. So I answered all these other questions, that are basically as dumb as the first one, and it told me I was Mary Poppins. Supercalafragilisticexpialidocious. Now I'm not saying Mary Poppins isn't cool, but I hate flying, so I don't think I would ever travel around through the air with an umbrella. And I also don't think I would live in London - I'm sort of a homebody. The only cool thing out of Mary Poppins is when she made that park come to life with the chimney guy - Bert. (shout out to Kimberly for remembering his name)

So I started thinking... if it were up to me to identify what kind of leading lady I am, I think I would have to go with: Oprah. I love animals, seem to have trouble losing this stupid weight, love to gossip and still don't have enough money to be fulfilled. That seems to sum me up a little better than Mary Poppins. -- I bet a lot of you that know me are probably secretly agreeing with this conclusion.

Anyways, not much other news on the home front. Drew left the back door wide open this morning and I had a MAJOR COW after the whole security system issue. This is something Drew is clearly going to have to work on.

Other than that, I'll probably have something new to add this afternoon. It's only 10 and look at everything I've learned about myself so far today?

Two websites to check out if you already haven't: -- these e cards describe a lot of my feelings sometimes. -- this is my dad's company so i've got to throw it on here. please refer someone business so maybe I can get a referral fee :) As stated before, I need more money.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bada bing, Bada boom.

I don't know, I just liked the title....

Ok, so today is Wednesday. First things first, Drew and I are getting a security system installed this weekend, and I'm pretty pumped about that. For those that don't know, Brinks is no longer Brinks, its Broadview. Because for us peons that didn't realize it, Brinks sells a whole bunch of other cool security stuff besides home alarms - I got briefed on it last night. So they changed their name to broadview... anyways, if you were ever considering robbing us of the few things we actually own right now, think again. Should you attempt to break into the Donnell household, a really loud annoying alarm will go off and police will be deployed. And if you happen to bring ear plugs and think you can steal from us quickly, be aware of the ferociuos killer dog inside that just might lick you to death. Anyways, as far as I'm concerned, how can you put a price on safety? At least that's how I phrased it to Drew. When he's gone, I need to be safe -- he needs to be assured that I am safe. Thus, he gave in and Brinks is coming over Saturday for installation.

Secondly, I think I should sell alarm systems, I think I would probably be a top salesman too. As a young female, I feel like I understand the paranoia of being alone in your house better than a healthy looking male. I mean, women -- or anyone really would relate better to me than a young, fit male selling these things. Right? Wouldn't a woman's point of view sell better in regards to a security system? I think so... Like I said, how can you put a value on your safety? Anyways, so the guy selling the security system (well, he really didn't even have to sell to be honest), he just signed us up and started talking about Michael Jackson when he was over -- because once again MJ is the ONLY thing on tv, and that really got Drew going because Drew is of the mindset that the world is better off without MJ. I, on the other hand, agreed with this guy because I remember dancing to MJ in the living room when I was little... Anyone else? and YES, I did get a little teary eyed over the funeral. So after Drew sort of rolled his eyes at us, the evening, and our Brinks alarm system training was over.

That was pretty much the night....

Three things -- I am absolutely PUMPED about the Next Food Network Star on Sunday-- I am addicted to that show. I think I should go on it. If a housewife has made it this far with her cooking, I'm sure I could to....

Second, I can't wait for the Men Tell All Bachelorette next week. I pumped to see David on there. Maybe he'll call Wes a Cheese Ass and have another roid rage like he did over Juan. Ha!

Last, as Amy pointed out the other day, I need color in my breakfast room, so I went and picked out fabric for my window toppers and I'm going to go purchase it later for my Aunt to do! Hooray, slowly but surely something else is being done to the house!

That's it for today. Maybe something exciting will happen tomorrow. Ciao!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday is the new Monday

So since I don't always work Mondays, it really throws me off on Tuesday. I'm always a day off now! Alright, I don't know too much exciting stuff but here we go:

This weekend, Drew and I spent pretty much all Saturday relandscaping the back yard (or half of it at least) and I must say, it's starting to look pretty dang good. I'll post pictures later, I forgot the camera cord adapter thing today. But yesterday, I continued the outdoor cleaning project and cleaned off the patio and set up our patio furniture and hung plants and stuff. It's starting to look really nice out there! Next project up -- tile on the inside. This will probably take us to December, but we'll see.

I'm not going to comment too much on the bachelor, because the other blog I read always seems to discuss everything I always find weird about it. But here are just a few of my thoughts:
a- forget Reid, Kipton is so cute and she should defo choose him. But i do agree he's way out of her league.
b - why were Ed's shorts so little and his dad so weird? i felt very uncomfortble watching the whole scene with Ed. Does anyone else in the US wear shorts that little? ick. I just didn't like it at all.

Oh, and for those that I haven't told yet, I hit a homeless person in my car on Saturday afternoon. I completely stand by my story that she hit my car, but I guess that's debateable. Why she continued to wash my windshield when the light turned green is beyond me, and then she refused to move out of the way when i started driving. Thus, she's got to have some bruises today.

That's it for now... maybe I'll have something more fun later!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Washington is the New 6th St. (but I still love the original)

Alright, so my friend Grace, pictured below hoola hooping made a very interesting observation this morning.... For all of us T-Staters, or Southwest Texas children, since moving to Houston, Washington has now become our new 6th street.

Pearl, 8, Citizen, Social, Drake, Porch Swing Pub, the Lott, Reign, the brewery one i rode drew's bike into (i can't remember the name).... Anyways, the point is, what used to be a totally ghetto strip of land that none of us would dare walk alone at night on, is now a hopping social scene and i like it! Take a look at some of the pictures of the last time we went out...

And if you're curious, we're pretty much this retarded every time we go out. What is most odd to me though is all of the door guys and bar owners in Austin seemed to have magically moved to Houston because we seem to know each door guy at the bar of our choosing and we always get to go in ahead of everyone else. While this used to be normal, in my adult age, I'm starting to feel just plain guilty about it. Oh well.

Same drunk rules in Austin apply in Houston, a fall isn't a fall unless your knees hit the ground*.

But for a moment, let's just reminisce on all the cool bars in Austin -- that I'm pretty sure may not even exist anymore since my time... and recap the memories of each bar.

-the Aquarium (first stop of the night, bartender always gave us free drinks)
-the Crazy Monkey (good looking guys hang out here and Sunday is industry night so drinks are cheaper -- for those of us who went out sunday nights...)
-Friends (when you want to dance to 80's music.)
-Blind Pig (when you're in to chill)
-0 Degrees (oldie but a goodie, watch out, we were all 18 getting into this one and were a hot mess coming out!)
-the Drink (parents, do NOT let your kids go in this bar)
-Vicci (old men hang out here)
-Dizzy Rooster (don't forget, the Real World AUstin crew went here)

There are far too many memories to go into, so I won't share them.. but I have just two more phrases to sum up Austin in my mind.

1. Ropolo's Pizza
2. Paddy Wagons

and i'm out this Friday.

I am working a full Friday!

Ok, it's Friday, so I'll try to keep this light and interesting...

I can't remember the last time I worked an 8 hour Friday. I guess I did when I used to work at a bar, but not at a full time job. My first job we got off at noon on Fridays, and then at my job now we used get off at noon also! The reasoning for this is because Houston's traffic is so dang bad, that we have to stagger when people work to allow for better traffic flow. (this in my opinion, is also the reason we should all work from home and only come in at necessary meeting times). But now, with the economy the way it is, my department is rotating our days off, so one person always get the short end of the stick and has to work by themselves on Friday. It's me this week! While it really does allow for some time to get some serious work knocked out, I have to admit, I'm a little lonely... :(

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Work, TV Shows

Ok first a few topics related to work.... These are things you only learn when working in a global company, so pay attention.

1. Sagomario -- does anyone know what this means? No.... well, it means 'chart'. Just your basic chart. So when someone starts talking about how they need a sagomario and you get really confused, don't worry. all they want is a chart.
2. English - ENGLISH is the official language of the company. So why people decide to switch everything up in email chains and begin typing in Romanian or Portugese or whatever it is, i'm not really sure, becuase that means the simple American like me gets lots in translation and now has no idea what's going on with a project. So i then have to go downstairs and ask the other simple american what is going on and surprisingly, he doesn't know either.
3. Smoking -- most everything you need to know can be found outside in the smoking area. As a matter of fact, there are so many smokers, they actually had to move the smoking area farther away in the parking lot because the smells were so bad other people complained.

TV Shows
Alright, something interesting! I'm just not going to go there about the bachelorette, but yes, I shamefully watch it.

The Next Food Network Star -- ok, love this show! and love Melissa, i hope she wins! She's from Texas ya'll! anyways, Jamika and Michael need to go. STAT. Debbie's alright, but did she mention she's Korean? She says this literally every time she cooks.

Clean House -- Wow, how come i didn't know about this show until now? This show is definitely an A++ in my book. First, people with the most disgusting homes I have ever seen, and major hoarding problems (which obviously stem from much bigger issues), call in the crew from CLEAN HOUSE to come in, clean up and throw away all their crap and then redo their rooms. The crew consists of 3 funny white people (the decorator is obviously a gay guy bc we all know they decorate way better than any of us normal folk) and the host is a black girl named Nissi, which I just found out she used to be on Reno 911. Ok, so the show was already great, and then, the other day, one of the hoarders threw a fit and stormed out, and Nissi told her to get her ungrateful a** back in the house and apologize. and after that, i'm officially a fan of Nissi Nash and the whole Clean House program. TALK ABOUT TOUGH LOVE! i love it... i can watch episode after episode after episode after episode.... i'm obsessed.

Whale Wars -- alright, has anyone else been dooped into watching this program? get out now! what a waste... here's a recap
so the premis of the show is that these animal rights freaks voluntarily chase down (and attack) Japanese whaling ships in the Arctic ocean to save whales. Now everyone knows i'm an animal freak, so i saw one commercial and was hooked. SAVE THE WHALES! FREE WILLY!
Episode one -- The Steve Irwin (the good guys) catches up to the Nishi Maru (bad guys) ship and is planning an attack.... so a whole hour goes by of the intensity of them catching up, and then the captain read the radar wrong and realizes they blew 3 miles past the Nishi Maru and has to turn around..... This leads us into episode 2.
(keep in mind at this point, i'm like i can't wait until episode 2)
Episode 2 - well naturally, in the Arctic everthing freezes, so the Steve Irwin, while turning around to catch up with the bad guys gets stuck in ice... and they choose some whipping boy to go sit in the bottom of the boat and make sure the ice doesn't crack the hull. Not even the camera crew would stay with this guy... And that takes us into episode 3.
i was starting to get a little peeved at this point, but the commercials still looked good, so I thought i would try one more episode...
Episode 3 -- ok, so the steve irwin makes it out of the ice... (by a hair) and begins chasing down the bad guys ship once again... but the nishi maru is trying to outrun them... so the steve irwin drops its dingy into the water and sends a crew on an inflatable boat to go throw stink bombs on the ship. (this is a good plan bc the stink bombs ruin whale meat, so the bad guy ship would have to go back to japan). so while in the dingy, one girl breaks her jaw (dont' ask me how) so they have to turn around... (that took up about 5 minutes) It's decided the steve irwin is fast boat though and can still catch up with with Nishi Maru, so they start forging ahead... closer and closer and closer... now they're within a mile, now they're within striking distance (at this point there's like 4 minutes left of the episode).... and then?! what happens?! they run out of gas and have to turn back around to go back to Australia!!!!! are you kidding me! i completely wasted three hours of my life on this junk!

Thursday, July 9

Hooray, hooray today is payday folks, well at least for me! Let's see if I can save any money, or if I will naturally blow it all the first weekend!

Alright, since so many people are interested in what I have to say, I thought about a lot of things last night and this post is going to be fairly long... so go get your coke or coffee and sit down, read, and waste some of your time at work.

First of all, I'm seriously considering getting off facebook. Seriously. considering. it. I feel like a crack addict except it doesn't cost me anything. Actually, my coworker just told me her friend is taking a FACE-cation, a vacation from facebook, so maybe I'll try this first. I swear I only get on their to look at people's photos. Even people I don't know... I need to stop bc I'm pretty sure one day IT is going to come to my desk and tell me I average 8 hours a week on facebook so Tenaris is going to have to fire me.... So a FACE-cation it is... we'll see how long this lasts.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Thoughts

So since I was so interested in Leigh's blog, and since she doesn't keep up with it anymore, I decided to create my own. As i create it i'll try to focus more on specific topics, but for now, here's what on my mind... and i added the photos to show a little flare. The left is my friend amy and the right is my husband drew! aren't all of us blessed with good genes!

Interesting stuff going on in my world...
Most importantly -- Let's discuss boot camp, which if you know me, this is probably one of the biggest things going on in my life right now (which also seems to make people wonder why nothing else is going on in my life).... I'm on my third month and am proud to say I'm in the 'advanced' group. Which, those of you who I'm friends with, you must also know the advanced group must not be that advanced if I'm in it. But let's discuss today's class:

First, we ran to the big hill (probably 400 yards) and did lunges down the hill – about 75 yards, then we ran about half a mile straight and when we stopped we did pulls up and pushups. After that we ran a little farther and did sprints up a hill and crab walks down... Then we ran about another half a mile where we had to jog single file, and the person in the back had to sprint to the front of the line... Doesn’t sound that hard but there was only 5 of us and we were going up and down hills, so it got really hard bc it felt like we were constantly sprinting. Then we stopped again -- Once we were there, we had to do these crunches things, and then dips. Then we had to continue the whole sprint line all the way to kirkwood. Then we had 15 minutes to make it back before class was over, so we essentially did sprint drills the entire way back. I thought I was going to vomit. It was about 2 or 3 miles we ran doing those stupid sprint drills up and down hills. On top of the already hard exercises. Oh and did I mention more lunges? the pictures at the top are me now... wait until later!

I was so tired on the way home a car almost cut me off and i was perfectly content to hit him, simply because my leg couldn't move quick enough from the gas pedal to the brake pedal.

on to the next part of my day.... so now that i'm so freaking exhausted from boot camp all i feel like doing at this point is crawling under my desk and taking a nap... but if you've seen my office, you know this is not possible. i sit in the wide open. ho hum, 8 hours to go.

Does anyone read if not, you should. the girl who writes that blog on the Bachelor is hysterical. i'm pretty sure I read it religiously every tuesday after the bachelor, and she always seems to discuss exactly my thoughts from the bachelor. I don't know what I'd do if i didn't have this as an outlet. Cheese ass. ha! (those of you that watch the bachelor recognize that phrase.

Last point of focus for the day -- is anyone in the least bit concerned about what is going on in the world BESIDES Michael Jackson's death? I mean, it's a good thing no one has dropped a bomb in the US or anything else, because I honestly don't think we would even hear about it with our media! geez, I love MJ's music to, but something else has got to be going on.... and let's be honest, the guy is a total circus freak.... and who gets a line of credit worth $400 million anyways.... this is what's wrong with America. that and a whole lot of other stuff.

Ok, for those of you that i've already told, I'm planning a big surprise for drew - the cute guy at the top, so stay tuned! AND, ironically I won 10 free ticket to the LAFF stop this saturday so if anyone wants to go... girls only... let me know! i seem to win them every week!

that's all for today, i think i'll try this again tomorrow! Stay Tuned!