The Donnell Family...Life Chronicled for Paige, Drew and soon to be Gage Donnell

Friday, May 27, 2011

2 Months!!

Well Gage is two months today, and I can't believe how quick its gone! I also can't believe how big he is -- actually, I can believe it because I'm the one lifting him up all the time, so I can believe it...

He's 15 pounds, 25", so he's in the 100th and 95th percentile respectively. If anything his head is too small, that's only in the 75th percentile, but you wouldn't know that if you saw him... I shove clothes over his head because they just won't go over... WHICH, is why, he's officially in 6 month clothes... So, there goes that. He eats about 7 - 8 ozs at each feeding, which is about 4 - 5 hours apart even through the night. In case anyone wonders if that's a lot of food for his age, it is. Most babies eat about half that. But as the doctor said, "he's just a big kid."

This weekend is Memorial Day, which is awesome, and then the following weekend Drew and I are staying at the W in Austin for a weekend away! I can't wait for that... There's really nothing to report since my last post except that there's been more of the same.

We went over to our friends house last night and they have a son, Cayden whose five months. Cayden was so cute interacting with Gage... We stood them up next to each other and Gage is basically the same size as him, but at one point they both smiled at each other and that was pretty cute.

I already have two boxes of clothes he can't wear and Drew made the comment as I was putting them up the other day, "Gage, looks like Mom is saving all these clothes for your baby brother." I literally just stopped and glared at him. Enough said on this topic. Those clothes are in the attic for a while. Period.

Happy Memorial Day!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Just another Day...

Well things here are going good... We poured our patio this weekend which looks fantastic. Now we're deciding if we're going to tile or do the stained concrete... I really have no opinion... As I told Drew, "This is YOUR project", I am simply here to pot plants once it's finished. So we'll see what he decides. It's a summer long project so there's no rush, it's nice enough just leaving it as concrete frankly. I did go shopping on Saturday and finally picked out my dining room table (it's only been 2 1/2 years!) I think we're going to get it the 4th of July or Labor Day depending on sales... The thing is, people complain like who would use a dining room table? We already have a breakfast room table. But the thing is, I WILL use a dining room table. If I had one I could throw parties or showers.... OR I could host thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. So it's more of an investment even though Drew hasn't seen it that way!
Gage is doing great. He finally discovered his smile, so we've been seeing more of that each day. He was 8 weeks on Sunday. I take him to the doctor tomorrow, so we'll see what kind of stats he has. As of the 6 week checkup, he was 13 pounds, 24" tall and in the 95th percentile for all measurements. The doctor said he'd probably go off the bell curve for a while before he slowed down some. So I have an 8 week old that basically wears 6 month clothing haha.. He's so heavy and long he is a chunk to pick up! But a cute chunk nonetheless.
My grandma's moving into her assisted living today, that's been a mess. Drew and I are going for a weekend getaway to Austin the beginning of June, and then we're going to the river in the middle of June, so we're going to go see my grandma then -- the assisted living place is in San Antonio. Then I go back to work! I need to get some work clothes, but I'm hoping to lose a little more weight before I go shopping.
Next up is Memorial Day, which should be fun! I think we're going to hang out here and maybe spend a day at the Lake, so that should be nice. Maybe Gage will get his first boat ride! Otherwise, it's the baby pool and float I bought him!!

Here are a few recent pictures of G and a few notes:



-ceiling fans


-his bottle

-sitting up so he can see what's going on

-his pacifier


-being changed/a dirty diaper

that's pretty much it....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Not much to Report...

Well, there's not much to report on the home front, but I thought I'd update anyways... We're in the middle of redoing our backyard, and we're pouring the patio next weekend which is exciting. Then Drew's going to relandscape and trim up the trees... This isn't really a rush project, but something that needs to be done in the year so when G is walking he has a fun place to play!! Besides that, it's tough to find stuff to do when Gage sleeps, so I took it upon myself to clean the grout in the tile today and I must say, it looks phenomenal! It really wasn't even that hard!
I'm still watching Extreme Couponing and while I can't figure out how people are saving hundreds of dollars in groceries, I have saved $35 the last two times I've been and I find that quite impressive frankly...
I'll tell you one thing, there are not enough Tyler Perry Madea movies to tire me out. I love Tyler Perry movies and I get so excited when they're on in the middle of the week. Drew gets so annoyed when I watch them, I always have to go in the other room... haha.... I also can't get enough of Oprah's last season. What am I going to do when she's not on the air anymore? I'm going to cry that's what...
So Drew and I are going on an overnight stay to Austin the first week of June, just for a quick getaway and I'm really looking forward to it. We're staying at the W. Ha, when I called to book the room, the girl said "downtown view or river view?" and I said, well which one do you recommend? and she said, well , if you like to stare at a river all day, I guess that could be ok, but I think its pretty boring... "I like well, alright then, downtown view it is." It's funny to always hear what people think about stuff.
Gage got me a facial and massage at a nice spa so I'm going to try and use it in the next week, yay!!
That's pretty much it for me, Oprah's about to come on...