The Donnell Family...Life Chronicled for Paige, Drew and soon to be Gage Donnell

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Can I get any bigger?

Geez... what a weekend. I am so tired, I just woke up from a 2 hour nap!!

Last week at work was crazy (good crazy, it was just busy), and then I had a doctor's appointment on Friday. I gained five pounds in two weeks (uh oh), so the doctor told me she wanted me to see a dietician to make sure I'm eating correctly. Blah... Baby Gage is still growing and doing good -- I guess we're to the point where he doesn't have room left to do a lot in my stomach, so now when he moves, my whole stomach moves... It's cool to watch and everyone can see and feel him more, but it also is a lot more uncomfortable.
This weekend we went to Mike and Hilary's amazing wedding, and then today we tore out our master bathroom to have that redone before Gage gets here! So much going on and only two months left before he gets here... and there are days (like today) where I get so tired or sore/uncomfortable from going to the grocery store that I just don't think I can make it any longer!
Oh -- so I had the most amazing, beautiful baby shower last weekend and I got so many great things -- I spent the whole rest of the weekend organizing and putting things up in his room... There's still lots we need -- but I think that will be the catch phrase for the next 18 years of my life! We got a lot of wonderful things, so I was so excited!
Looking forward to this week. 31 weeks pregnany and baby shower #2 is this weekend!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

What a Weekend!

Whew! What a long and exhausting weekend, but a great one!
Drew went out of town to go hunting on Tuesday night, so it's just been me and Gage until Sunday. I had a pretty eventful week -- Tuesday I was by myself and then Wednesday I went out to dinner with my friend Courtney. Then Thursday my family was in town for a memorial service, so we went to that and then went and ate BBQ (oh yeah!)... Then Friday Jennifer stayed with me because she came in town for my baby shower. We ran a few errands and then went to dinner at Escalante's -- which was so good, but we were literally at dinner from 7:30 - 11! It was so busy and then we took a while that we were there all night! It was so good seeing her and hanging out!
Then Saturday, we all went to Brio for my first baby shower, and it was AMAZING! All the decorations and everything about it was so cute and I just couldn't have imagine anything better! Oh -- and I got some awesome gifts: bouncer, swing, entertainer, sterilizer, bottles, etc. etc, the list goes on and on! I just can't believe I got so many wonderful things! And it makes me feel really blessed that so many people helped to make the shower so amazing and so many people came and brought great gifts for Gage. This baby is truly loved!
Anyways, after the shower my Aunts and Grandma came over to see the nursery and visited for a while, and then Drew's mom and I went shopping. I was glad she was there because I FINALLY made a decision on art for the baby's room and it looks so good!
So, I've spent the rest of the weekend trying to somewhat organize my soon-to-be new life and cleaning and putting things away that I can! I AM EXhausted!
And I'm glad Drew's coming home so he can put some of these things together and we can get some of these boxes together...

Anyways, next weekend I have no plans and then here comes February and I'm booked up!! I just can't believe!!

Happy Weekend!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

11 more weeks...

Ugh... so I finally got to see the Dr on Friday. I've gained 20 pounds total, which she said was good considering I told her I eat cheeseburgers and cokes and ice cream nearly every day, but then I reminded her of the fun fact that I still projectile vomit every day, and that was probably the reason for me not being morbidly obese at this point.
Then I told her about the crazy pain I've been having and the contractions and she did an exam just to make sure I wasn't dilated... WELL, I'm NOT dilated, BUT the baby is sitting abnormally low and she said that I was lucky my uterus was on top of my bladder right now (apparently my uterus is farther back than normal) because she said if my uterus was on top of my cervix with as low as he's sitting, it could cause me to dilate!!! And while I'm not thrilled about the possibility of having him this early (ya I want it over with, but not at 29 weeks), I was soooo happy to have someone have a little bit of sympathy for me. I knew the pains I was having couldn't be normal!! And to back up a little bit -- ya that's right -- the baby's head is right on top of my bladder, which happens to every pregnant person, but it's typically in the last few weeks when they're so uncomfortable -- not 2 1/2 months prior. And just in case you were wondering, you can imagine how incredibly painful it is to have something hard pushing on your bladder all day long -- it's causing more problems for me than I care to discuss in my blog.
I was hoping for another ultrasound to get to see the baby before the delivery, but apparently I don't get any more of those, so bummer.
Anyways, my Aunt came by on Saturday with the baby bedding and drapes (which turned out adorable i think)... but it also made me realize the crib sheet I bought is the wrong color. So probably starting in February I'll start decorating in there and get everything finalized -- I don't know why, but it's really hard to decorate a baby's room I'm finding. I really need to go get a new fan for that room already...
On another note, my whole families in Ireland, except for Drew and I, and judging from their pictures they're having a great time! I can't wait until they get back so I can see and hear all about it. They land on Tuesday, but I don't know when...
Nothing else to report really... I always think I have a lot to write and then when I get down to it, I really don't have that much... Oh well, updated pics of the nursery below, things are coming along!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

When does Life begin vs. When does Love begin?

I have a lot to point out in this blog, I haven't written in a while, but really none of it focuses on me except for a few points.
A - puked my breakfast away this morning as usual
B - passed my diabetes test - which is really great news, but after I found out my doctor induces at 38 weeks if you have gestational diabetes, I was a little bit bummed I didn't have it after all. I can't even imagine how uncomfortable I'll be at that point because I can hardly get by with things right now -- and I don't even look that big! Oh well.
C - The whole family is in Ireland without us... So they better enjoy!

Ok, on to something super serious. I was reading this morning and there was an article about a woman who used to work at Planned Parenthood, and since witnessing and participating in her first abortion, she quit her job, became pro-life and then wrote a book about what made her change her mind. Anyways, there was a link from the article to the first chapter in her book, which you can read for free and it details the experience she had watching an abortion. Well, I read it. I was so disturbed by what I read... I mean as an expectant mom -- or someone who wanted kids, its heartwrenching. Looking at it from an outside angle as someone who believes in abortion, I don't see how you could read the excerpt and not realize what actually takes places when you go in for that procedure! It really was awful to read, and yet something I think everyone should read... So I posted the link to the website... and when you read that, you can click on the link to the first chapter of the book:

I really wish more people were aware of what happens to the baby because I think more people would be smarter in their decisions!

I'm not sure if anyone read George Bush's book Decision Points, but George and Laura struggled to have kids and were actually in the process of adopting when Laura found out she was pregnant. He talks about when he saw the first ultrasound and how much he loved his daughters in that instant. Well, later in the book, when George talked about the right to use embryos for stem cell research he refused to pass legislation because he argued that the embryos were valid lives and not just a cell. He brings up the question to the reader, when does a fetus become a baby ? While there's no real answer to this question, his response in his book is that its not so much when does life begin, but when does love begin? Is it the first time parents see the baby or find out they're pregnant or is it once the baby is born? Anyways, when you put things into perspective like that -- when do you first feel love for your child, I would answer its instant. If you agree with this viewpoint and then you read the first chapter and what happens in an abortion procedure, its just horrifying to think about what takes place...

Anyways, read the chapter of the book, please -- its only a few pages, and write comments on what you think! I feel like my thoughts on everything sort of ramble above, so forgive me if I'm not making sense!

My Aunt's coming down this weekend with the baby's bedding, so the room is getting one step closer to being finished! I'll post pictures as soon as I receive!!

More to come later, maybe I'll have an awesome weekend! and sorry this post is so serious, I just thought everyone should read that chapter in that book...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

3 Months and Counting

Well, there's not much to update you on except I'm officially having a baby in less than three months! And with that come some definite changes in pregnancy --
1. The nausea is back. Not that it ever officially went away, but it was gone for about 6 weeks.
2. The ability to sleep is entirely gone.
3. The baby moves rather violently sometimes, which makes me wonder what's going on in there.
4. The full lung capacity I thought I had has completely gone.
5. Weird cramping in my stomach is now taking place
6. I could literally pee every 30 minutes. And then some.

... which leads me to believe that this baby is bound and determined to come in March. However, the women I talk to ASSURE ME that it is what it is at this point and that all these side effects do not, in fact, point to early labor. It just means I'm getting closer to the end.

On an exciting note, the nursery is getting closer to completion. Everything is in its place, except for decor and bedding (which should be here by Jan. 15th!), so I'm pretty pumped about that. All I'll need after that are the baby essentials like diapers and finger nail clippers, oh and a stroller! It feels so surreal that April is just around the corner.

As for home renovations, Drew and I decided that instead of doing a stand up shower in our master bathroom, we're just going to do a standard remodel, which I believe will take place in February/March. We're also building out our closet, so all of that will be complete before Baby Gage arrives! Since we'll no longer have dressers in our bedroom, I think we'll end up getting a King size bed, which I never really thought we needed until I got pregnant. Now I see it's a MUST.

Other than that, life is just moving right along at this point. In case you're unaware, this is Drew's "Birthday Month", so we'll be celebrating that all January, and my family leaves for Ireland on the 13th, which I know they're excited for.

I'll be 28 weeks Friday, so only 12 more official weeks to go!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm still sick

So, its officially been longer than a week and I'm still sick! I'm feeling a lot better, but honestly, I can't get rid of this junk! Anyways,...

Its officially 2011, and we did absolutely nothing to ring in the New Year except go and eat Mexican food, where I choked on a spice in the salsa and proceeded to have a coughing attack in Escalante's. We were home by 7:30 from dinner on Friday and went to bed before 11. It was pretty exciting. Oh -- and we rented the movie the American with George Clooney and it totally sucked. Sometimes he chooses the most bazaar movies to star in.

Then on Saturday we decided to go get the blinds and door knobs for the closet in Gage's room. Well, when you have to get blinds cut down at Lowe's, you have to have someone come work the machine... and its pretty basic, they just fill out the touch screen and then the machine cuts the blinds. Well, the girl helping us was not the most educated at all, because when we were trying to tell her to click on the "Faux' Wood blinds", because that's what we had -- she kept going, "You mean the Fox Wood blinds? Drew and I just paused and looked at her and were like yep, the fox wood blinds... Ha, it was really funny because she said it about four times over. I guess depending on how you read my blog, you might think that's really funny.... or you might not... BUT IT WAS.

So yesterday we made black eyed peas and collared greens to bring us luck and money in the New Year because we sure could use it! Hopefully we'll get some money -- we've been pretty strong on luck for a while now, so I'm not sure we have anything in store for 2011. That'd be cool if we did though... it never hurts to hope!

Nothing else exciting has happened really. We sat outside and had a little fire in our firepit last night and again, went to bed around 10. I'm totally comfortable going to bed early. I like getting a full day in and not wasting it away on sleeping -- but both Drew and I have been morning people ever since I can remember.

So -- off to a great 2011 start, and in exactly 90 days, baby Gage will be here (hopefully he doesn't drag this out any longer than it needs to be)!