The Donnell Family...Life Chronicled for Paige, Drew and soon to be Gage Donnell

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Another weekend down...

Not much happened this weekend. Drew went to a bachelor party and I had an inner-ear infection, so G and I just chilled at the house. In case you've never had an inner ear infection, it's similar to vertigo. Your equilibrium is off, and I basically stumbled around like a drunk sailor. It's very strange not being able to control your balance when you're sober. I don't recommend it that's for sure. So I went to the dr and he told me to take Bonine (it's exactly like dramamine). Motion sickness pills are great, except these knocked me on my a*& and I ended up sleeping almost all day Saturday and Sunday because of it!

Other than that, I hate it being this hot! It would be one thing if I were in the Caymans floating in the water, but it's so hot, I can't take G out to run errands (not that I feel like going). I mean you just can't do anything. BLeh!

Drew and I are in the middle of re-landscaping, but I think everyone knew that. Otherwise, I'm obsessed with watching Entourage, Teen Mom, Teen Wolf, The Marriage Ref, and every other trashy TV show that comes on.

Life is great otherwise. God is Good! Have a great week!!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

4 Months and Counting

Gosh, it's so hard to post these days... Where does the time go? There's really not much to report other than Gage is growing so big so fast! It's so cliche, but he's growing up so fast! I took him to the doctor earlier this week and he was 19.5 pounds and 27" tall, so still off the growth charts. But he's big and happy so who's complaining? The new thing now besides his rolling over is he SQUEALS constantly! He always likes to sit in his high chair while Drew and I eat dinner I think just to feel like he's at the table wtih us and he squeals and "talks" the whole time! Wonder where he got his conversation skills from !!?? Anyways, I need to take his 4 month photo, so I'll try and do that tomorrow. Other than that, went to a friends baby shower this weekend and when I got home, Drew had teh whole front yard ripped out! Needless to say we're relandscaping now...

Gage at this point:
-being tickled
-FOOD -- all of it. He ate a whole avocado today and a bottle!
-the dogs

-a dirty diaper
-waiting to be fed
-his car seat
and personally, I don't blame him on his car seat because I feel bad even putting him in there. I mean he hardly fits in it, and on top of that, it's 100 degrees! I just feel bad even putting him in there. But he is so freaking smiley other than that, that it's ok.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I must say, I hope Drew and I make lots of money in our lifetime because I don't know how we're going to afford our grocery bill.

Happy Boy!

So, Gage is closing in on the four month mark and is quite possibly the happiest baby I've ever seen. He had 102 fever the other day and he was still smiling in the mirror at himself. Which is a good thing, and a bad thing... Problem is with a happy baby, it's tough to tell when something's really wrong.
Anyways, when I took him to the dr last Friday for being sick, he weighed 18 pounds, 11 ounces. I have to take him back for his four month check-up, so we'll see how big he is then. He's a complete wiggle worm and my mom keeps telling me that if they walk or crawl early they typically talk later. Well that's all well and good, but he makes noises -- loud noises -- all day long and he definitely "talks" a lot. As far as I'm concerned, he's going to be a talking tornado by 6 months!
Besides him being ridiculously cute, nothing else is new. Work is keeping me incredibly busy and when I come home I've been walking for about an hour every night trying to get rid of this "mom weight". I don't know if it'll ever happen frankly, but at least I'm not pregnant anymore.

Drew and I have nicknamed Gage "Giant Baby" and sometimes we just hold him up and raise his arms and he sort of looks like Godzilla, LOL.

I guess that's it for now, I wish I had more, but I've been so busy it's tough to think of things now. Pics posted!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

14 weeks

At least I think he's 14 weeks... I can't remember... I know he's 3 1/2 months old so that's good enough for me. Nothing new to discuss. We went to my parent's for the 4th and had all these plans to hang out with people, but when we were out on the jetski we ran out of oil and had to get towed in and the boat all our friends were renting apparently caught an electrical fire and they weren't able to meet up with us... What a random weekend, right?
Anyways other than that, I'm completely floored and sickened by the Casey Anthony case. I just can't believe! tHAT GIRL TOTALLY GOT AWAY WITH MURDER...
So Gage is all sorts of fun these days:
-sweet potatoes
-apple sauce
-his pacifier

-being changed
-dirty diapers
-he hates when he's not fed immediately, he totally loses it!

So, I had a lot of reservations about taking Gage to day care, but honestly, I LOVE IT! Every time I go there I feel so good about dropping him off, he's always so smiley there and the people who watch him are so nice!! It makes me feel so much better about returning to work when he's there. And I'll be honest, I'm so happy being back at work!
Off for now, will have more later!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

We're off the growth charts...

So today was Gage's 12 week appointment and before he was at least on the growth chart, but now after his growth chart he's officially off! At 12 weeks, he's 17 pounds, 9 ounces and 26" tall. I don't know what his head is, but its caught up to the rest of his body and is officially now a giant dome. So after the doctor's appointment, we came home and tried some squash, and I think he liked it. It took him a bit to get the hang of the spoon, and he's still no pro at it, but he did pretty good, and he acted as though he liked it so I think that's a good thing.
Nothing to report otherwise... going to work on Monday and am looking forward to it even though I'll probably cry or whatever.
Happy weekend everyone!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

San Antonio and New Braunfels

Well, our trip to the river is over and it was a lot of fun! All the kids/cousins got to meet each other and let me tell you, Ella sure does love Gage... She would not stop kissing and doting on him all weekend! He liked it too, he just kept smiling and laughing at her. It was also fun when Ella told me she'd have a baby in her belly soon. I told her that was great and she should tell her dad that because he'd be really proud. LOL.
Besides the river we made a quick trip to San Antonio to see my grandma. She's in assisted living up there and the second Drew and I walked in there was line dancing going on in the dining room. I was like, where are we??? Anyways, between the walkers lining the hallway and the issue she had with EVERY waiter in the dining room at lunch, the visit was really good. I start work on Monday and am looking forward to it even though I'm a little nervous and anxious about returning and leaving Gage. Hopefully all goes well, but it'll be nice to return to some normalcy. A part of me feels like I've been on a VERY long vacation.
Anyways, nothing else is new. I take Gage to the doctor on Friday so we'll see what they have to say! Have a good week!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Memory Lane up in the Headlights...

Well, last weekend Drew and I took our first overnight trip sans Gage and went to Austin. We stayed at the W and went and had drinks at the GingerMan, the dinner at Moonshine and then we went out on 6th street. There's some things that are the same, and there are some that are totally different, but it made me totally want to be back in college again.
SAME - Gay pride parade closing off 6th street with about 6,000 people joining in a QueerBomb. (literally that was the name of the parade)
DIFFERENT - Thousands of EMO's in town watching concerts.
SAME - drunk old lady in the bar raising her hands while she was dancing only to expose her old saggy boobs out the bottom of her shirt.
DIFFERENT - we went to this country bar called the Stage and listened to live music.
SAME - The Aquarium, Chuggin' Monkey, Maggie Mae's, Friends, the Dizzy Rooster...

*DIFFERENT -- my whiskey/coke was so strong I had to ask for more diet coke. ordinarily you can't make my drink strong enough.

Oh well. Anyways, Saturday we stopped and did a little shopping at the Round Rock outlet malls for Gage and came home. Gage is now wearing 6 - 9 month clothes, and while we don't go to the doctor for two weeks, we weighed him earlier and think he weighs about 19 pounds.
BUT he sure is the cutest giant baby I've ever seen. If he keeps growing at this rate, my car seat is about to go out the window because he'll be too big for it!

I'll tell you -- well, actually I have, people tell you your body doesn't look the same after kids, but somebody should've waved a red flag and really told me IT IS GOING TO LOOK REALLY DIFFERENT.

New this week:
Gage smiles and coos a lot! And I love it!

-the exersaucer
-when you talk to him and sort of play peek a boo
-ceiling fans
-his bottle

-the bouncer (this is too small, which is why he's lost interest)
-a dirty diaper
-waiting for a bottle
-me shoving clothes over his giant head

We've resorted to a lot of naked baby days because most of Gage's clothes don't fit... or we do like today where I just don't button the bottom of his onesie. Pics to be posted soon, I was just too lazy today.

Friday, May 27, 2011

2 Months!!

Well Gage is two months today, and I can't believe how quick its gone! I also can't believe how big he is -- actually, I can believe it because I'm the one lifting him up all the time, so I can believe it...

He's 15 pounds, 25", so he's in the 100th and 95th percentile respectively. If anything his head is too small, that's only in the 75th percentile, but you wouldn't know that if you saw him... I shove clothes over his head because they just won't go over... WHICH, is why, he's officially in 6 month clothes... So, there goes that. He eats about 7 - 8 ozs at each feeding, which is about 4 - 5 hours apart even through the night. In case anyone wonders if that's a lot of food for his age, it is. Most babies eat about half that. But as the doctor said, "he's just a big kid."

This weekend is Memorial Day, which is awesome, and then the following weekend Drew and I are staying at the W in Austin for a weekend away! I can't wait for that... There's really nothing to report since my last post except that there's been more of the same.

We went over to our friends house last night and they have a son, Cayden whose five months. Cayden was so cute interacting with Gage... We stood them up next to each other and Gage is basically the same size as him, but at one point they both smiled at each other and that was pretty cute.

I already have two boxes of clothes he can't wear and Drew made the comment as I was putting them up the other day, "Gage, looks like Mom is saving all these clothes for your baby brother." I literally just stopped and glared at him. Enough said on this topic. Those clothes are in the attic for a while. Period.

Happy Memorial Day!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Just another Day...

Well things here are going good... We poured our patio this weekend which looks fantastic. Now we're deciding if we're going to tile or do the stained concrete... I really have no opinion... As I told Drew, "This is YOUR project", I am simply here to pot plants once it's finished. So we'll see what he decides. It's a summer long project so there's no rush, it's nice enough just leaving it as concrete frankly. I did go shopping on Saturday and finally picked out my dining room table (it's only been 2 1/2 years!) I think we're going to get it the 4th of July or Labor Day depending on sales... The thing is, people complain like who would use a dining room table? We already have a breakfast room table. But the thing is, I WILL use a dining room table. If I had one I could throw parties or showers.... OR I could host thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. So it's more of an investment even though Drew hasn't seen it that way!
Gage is doing great. He finally discovered his smile, so we've been seeing more of that each day. He was 8 weeks on Sunday. I take him to the doctor tomorrow, so we'll see what kind of stats he has. As of the 6 week checkup, he was 13 pounds, 24" tall and in the 95th percentile for all measurements. The doctor said he'd probably go off the bell curve for a while before he slowed down some. So I have an 8 week old that basically wears 6 month clothing haha.. He's so heavy and long he is a chunk to pick up! But a cute chunk nonetheless.
My grandma's moving into her assisted living today, that's been a mess. Drew and I are going for a weekend getaway to Austin the beginning of June, and then we're going to the river in the middle of June, so we're going to go see my grandma then -- the assisted living place is in San Antonio. Then I go back to work! I need to get some work clothes, but I'm hoping to lose a little more weight before I go shopping.
Next up is Memorial Day, which should be fun! I think we're going to hang out here and maybe spend a day at the Lake, so that should be nice. Maybe Gage will get his first boat ride! Otherwise, it's the baby pool and float I bought him!!

Here are a few recent pictures of G and a few notes:



-ceiling fans


-his bottle

-sitting up so he can see what's going on

-his pacifier


-being changed/a dirty diaper

that's pretty much it....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Not much to Report...

Well, there's not much to report on the home front, but I thought I'd update anyways... We're in the middle of redoing our backyard, and we're pouring the patio next weekend which is exciting. Then Drew's going to relandscape and trim up the trees... This isn't really a rush project, but something that needs to be done in the year so when G is walking he has a fun place to play!! Besides that, it's tough to find stuff to do when Gage sleeps, so I took it upon myself to clean the grout in the tile today and I must say, it looks phenomenal! It really wasn't even that hard!
I'm still watching Extreme Couponing and while I can't figure out how people are saving hundreds of dollars in groceries, I have saved $35 the last two times I've been and I find that quite impressive frankly...
I'll tell you one thing, there are not enough Tyler Perry Madea movies to tire me out. I love Tyler Perry movies and I get so excited when they're on in the middle of the week. Drew gets so annoyed when I watch them, I always have to go in the other room... haha.... I also can't get enough of Oprah's last season. What am I going to do when she's not on the air anymore? I'm going to cry that's what...
So Drew and I are going on an overnight stay to Austin the first week of June, just for a quick getaway and I'm really looking forward to it. We're staying at the W. Ha, when I called to book the room, the girl said "downtown view or river view?" and I said, well which one do you recommend? and she said, well , if you like to stare at a river all day, I guess that could be ok, but I think its pretty boring... "I like well, alright then, downtown view it is." It's funny to always hear what people think about stuff.
Gage got me a facial and massage at a nice spa so I'm going to try and use it in the next week, yay!!
That's pretty much it for me, Oprah's about to come on...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Things I Still HATE about Pregnancy

So, since I've had Gage, there are moments that I think back to being pregnant. Everyone says God makes you forget all the terribleness of pregnancy and childbirth and I really don't think that's the case at all. People forget because they're just so tired and preoccupied that the pregnancy seems like years away. Don't get me wrong, I'm so happy to be done being pregnant, but now that it's over, there are some things that are completely ruined. For instance, I have always slept on my back. ALWAYS. When I had to sleep on my side during pregnancy, I dreamed of the day I could sleep on my back again. Well... that day has come and gone because I cannot sleep on my back anymore. Instead I sleep on my left side and I hate it!! I also don't like eating pickles near as much as I used to which sucks.

Some things I do like about having a baby is the awesomeness of Oprah and the fact that I LOVE Celebrity Apprentice and since I feed Gage at 10:30, I'm always awake to watch it. What I don't understand is the random secretary they always show screen shots of during the elimination in the board room. Why is she so necessary and what is she always writing in her day planner? I hope Jon Rich and Lil Jon make an album after the show, don't you agree how well they work together? I think Marlee and Jon Rich are going to be the final two and I don't know whose going to win after that...

Let's see, what else... I haven't written in so long I've forgotten a lot! OK, breastfeeding is OVER. #1, it sucks in general. #2, my kid is huge and I can't keep up with how much he eats and #3 I have gotten mastitis THREE times. If you don't know what it is, look it up, but its AWFUL TO SAY THE LEAST.

I took Gage to the doctor yesterday and at 6 weeks, he's weighing in at 13 pounds and 24". Growing like a weed, and still an easy baby...

So just a few more comments and then I'm done. I could NEVER be a stay at home mom. This is soooo much work. No thanks. Well, like I said before, maybe when my kids go to school, but not before then. I head back to work June 27th and as much as I know it'll be hard, I'm really looking forward to being back in a normal routine. Right now, I feel like I go to the grocery store and clean way more than I personally would like to.

And LAST, I watched extreme couponing and since I don't go anywhere, its all I talk about. I even started cutting coupons! I saved about $30 at the grocery store the other day and it was awesome. And I saved $5 earlier, but my bill was only $20, which is awesome. I'm going to keep cutting coupons too because its the bomb... BUT I can't figure out how people save like $600 on their groceries... That's a little too "extreme" for me. I felt really cool though using all my coupons. I even impressed the girl at the checkout...

Anyways, that's it for now. I'll try to start updating more!

Monday, April 25, 2011

4 weeks!

So things are moving right along in our little world. Gage is now 4 weeks old, and gosh he's gotten big!! I'll tell you one thing, it's so awesome being on maternity leave during Oprah's final shows. I don't miss an episode! Gage and I always make sure our schedule is cleared at 4 pm.

I had my first night out last Thursday and went and had wine and then beer with some good girlfriends, which was a lot of fun! Then we celebrated Easter on Sunday at my parents house and had a crawfish boil. We took Gage's newborn photos a few weeks ago and they turned out so good, I don't know which I'm going to choose, but they're so cute... or maybe its because I have a cute kiddo, it could be that.

Ha, you know, every time I'm around friends, they always say, "is it going to be tough going back to work? Don't you wish you could be a stay at home mom?" And to be honest, I'd love to stay at home and chill with Gage, but I couldn't be a stay at home mom until he's in school. This is just too monotonous for me. I wake up, take care of him, clean, get dressed, take care of him, and then it's time for dinner. I mean, there's no time to do anything! I could be a lady of leisure though, and there's a complete difference in being a stay at home mom vs a lady of leisure. A lady of leisure is someone who shops and drinks wine at lunch most days... Problem is, I think schools frown upon drunk parents so I'm pretty sure I'll never get to be a lady of leisure (except for my random days I can escape!) But I am looking forward to going back to work, I'm not sure I would say that if I didn't like where I worked, but it'll be good to get back into a normal routine. Until then though, I'm enjoying these next few months...

Nothing else is really going on, Drew's tearing out the backyard and getting ready to put a patio in, and I've been cleaning up the third guest bedroom so we can get that finished.

Gage is still chill, I think he gets that from Drew. Ha, someone the other day said he's so long and skinny and I said "He gets that from me..."

Drew and I are going for a night away in Austin in June, so I'm looking forward to that, and all these upcoming weddings...

That's it for now, until then!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Growing like a Weed...

So Gage is just over two weeks old now, and is growing like a weed. I still feel like he's a good baby... and lately he's been more awake during the day, so I'm trying to keep it that way so he can sleep more at night. Yesterday we went on our first walk and we went again today. It was nice to get out of the house I have to say... I must admit a few things will make me be a better mom: - cut and highlights, -spray tan (the thought of getting a real tan right now is out of the question as I don't even want to sit in the backyard in a swimsuit), -getting in shape and being able to buy clothes. With these things, I think I'll be able to take on the world.

I ordered Gage's shadowbox with things from his delivery (the scrubs with his footprints, his wristband, beanie from the hospital, etc) and it should be ready on the 19th. I'm pretty pumped because I'm not creative at all so when I found out Hobby Lobby would do it for me, I signed up for that pretty quick. Tomorrow I go to the doctor so I am hoping they tell me that I can do all normal things again -- ready for that! We go Friday for newborn/family photos, so hopefully I'll be able to get some pretty family pictures and birth announcements once that's done. Pictures I took myself are below. They're not the best, but I also did this out of boredom, maybe there will be more to come :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Our New Addition

So, after about a week off, I thought I'd hop on and give a quick update and share some photos. Thomas Gage Donnell arrived Sunday, March 27th at 12:34 am weighing 8 lbs, 0 ounces. If you think there wasn't relief in my mind about his size, you are sadly mistaken. We checked in for an induction Saturday morning at 7 am, and I finally started pushing at 10 pm that night. At 11:30 or so, it was determined he was too big and couldn't fit through my pelvis. So c-section it was, and the next thing I knew, Gage was here! Drew was great and has been great throughout everything. He had to hold him and change him and basically do everything in those first few hours and days that we got home from the hospital because I couldn't do anything.

It's such a relief for things to be over! And for things to begin... So many people say, oh once you have the baby, pregnancy will seem like it was forever ago... No, it still feels like I was pregnant just yesterday as a matter of fact... I even still look pregnant (which I'm hoping goes away by the end of month 1) But, I'd so much rather have a baby than be pregnant. I must say I found the whole delivery process completely calm and serene and really relaxing. I thought there would be a lot more drama and craziness involved, but its not like that at all, everything was really peaceful and I liked it. BUT, a c-section hurts! Or the aftermath hurts, but contractions hurt too... Geez, I've had two stomach surgeries before, but I am so sore from this... I hope the soreness goes away after two weeks or so...

As far as things at home, Gage is doing well and eating a lot! I have been sleeping a lot and Drew and I trade off on the feedings so we get plenty of rest (after a couple of days trying to breastfeed, for me, pumping and feeding is working best, so Drew's able to be involved.) So let me divulge a few things I learned and then I'll share some photos of our new family member.

#1 - epidurals and pregnancy hormones make you sweat insane amounts. I think on the 3rd night in the hospital, I looked like I had jumped in the river, but you can't take a shower for so long, so I just had to be sweaty for a couple days (gross!)
#2 - every single nurse tells you different advice and its completely annoying because you listen to one and then realize she's wrong when the next nurse give you advice and this process goes on and on until you go home...
#3 - when you labor and are given pitocin -- and then switch to a c-section, you swell even worse after delivery than when you were pregnant because of all the different drugs in your body. My legs and feet in particular are still swolen and the doctor said it would take about two weeks to lose all the fluid, but I had no idea and still can't believe I'm carrying around all this water weight. I thought that would be gone immediately, but I guess not.

OK, here are pics:A few things we've learned about Gage:
#1 - he doesn't mess around, he EATS.
#2 - If he's fussy, its either because he's hungry or gassy or has a dirty diaper.
#3 - if he's fussy, LOOK OUT. There is no middle ground in Gage's cry. It's full blast as loud and as hysterical as you can get.

My two favorite things are watching how happy Drew is around Gage and seeing what a good father he is and how complete he seems, and whenever Gage is upset and needs to be calmed down, I like being the one that he finds comfort in. It's a neat feeling knowing that you're someone comforting for someone else. Ha, and last I like running my hand over all the hair on his head! There's so much!

I'll update more photos later, hopefully we'll get his newborn photos done in the next few weeks and we can post those.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Home Updates

Ok, this is a short post, just a bunch of photos of what we've been doing these last few months. I think I already posted pictures of the other bathroom, so here are remaining photos of home updates. I don't know where my original pics of the house are, but you can believe if I can post before and after photos, I'll do it...

Master Bedroom and Bathroom

We added built-ins in the closet, we just need to add knobs and pulls!

One of the guest bedrooms, the other guest bedroom won't be decorated until after Gage gets here.

Gage's room -- All ready for bringing him home!

I'm going to put his newborn photos above the changing table...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So, I went to the doctor yesterday for the final time before being induced this Saturday. I'm still 70% effaced, but I'm 2 cm dilated... which could mean a lot, or it could mean absolutely nothing. Oh well... I'll just keep walking and see if this kid pops out on its own.

I went to lunch with my friend Sissy on Friday and my stomach was hurting so bad at lunch, I left work after that and went to the doctor thinking I was going into labor. Let's get one thing straight -- contractions VARY. I have contractions every day, all day. Sometimes they're a minute apart, other times, they're 20 minutes apart. I'm clearly well aware to ignore these... But, when they change to feel like cramps in my lower stomach that's when I started getting worried. Anyways, when I went to the doctor, she just gave me a hug and told me to go on home. I think she knows I'm at the end of my rope.

So, the house is pretty much all finished and I have to say it looks wonderful. I'm so relieved we've got it done before the baby gets here. One less thing to worry about, that's for sure. Drew took my car to work today, so when he gets home, I'll have to take some photos of everything and post it.

Yesterday I went to the doctor, like I said, for the final time, and the head nurse examined me. She said, "Do you have any questions/concerns?" And I said no, I just needed directions on what to do for Saturday and she was unaware I was being induced Saturday. So I said, "Ya, apparently the babies measuring big, so they're going to induce early to be on the safe side. And she responded with "Macrosomia." I said I don't know, I'd never heard that word and she said it means "Large baby". That's the medical term for having a big baby evidently... and it's the term they use to fill out paperwork with. That made me feel like Gage was even bigger than he is...

I'm HOPING he's only like 8 or 8-1/2 pounds on Saturday and maybe the measurements were a little bit off. I don't know what the heck I'm going to do if he's a 9 or 10 pound baby that's for sure. BUT, I am glad he's not a 5 or 6 pound baby, that would just stress me out. And, it's nice knowing things are happening on Saturday, because Drew will get a 9 day break at home since he's taking off a week. So, as of right now, I like the plan. Except that I don't really want to be induced. Not that it's bad, I just feel like I'm going to sit and think about everything that will happen now, instead of just reacting to my water breaking or something. Anyways...

We went out last night for our anniversary and sort of a last "date night out" before Gage gets here... That was fun. Now, just hanging out and hoping the baby comes soon!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

8 lbs and counting

Ok, SO... As of last Thursday, the baby was meauring 39 weeks and my cervix was facing the front. Well, because he's gone from 33 weeks in size to 39 weeks in size in about a month's time, my doctor recommended I get an ultrasound becuase that's a lot of growth frankly. SO, I set this up for 7:30 Monday morning... So I went in and the lady did the ultrasound and she took all these measurements and at the end, she said, "do you want to guess how big he is?" So I guessed 8 pounds. And then I said, "Wait, are you going to guess?" And she (her name is Diane by the way) said "8-1/2 pounds".
Now, before she did the actual calculation, I sat there for the few seconds and thought... Holy cow... this lady looks at people like me every day and she thinks he's already 8-1/2 pounds!!! So She responds with "Nope, 8 lbs, 1 oz." Now, my weekly doctor's appointment isn't until today technically -- I go every Thursday... But when I heard this news, I thought huh... I think I need to call my doctor, because I'm not pushing a 9 pound anything out of me!

So I called and the nurse told me to come in on Monday afternoon. So Dr. Mata came in and said they won't induce before 39 weeks, so as of right now, Gage is coming March 26th -- a week ahead of schedule. But then she examined me and I am 60% effaced and 1 cm dilated (whatever this means) and I'm having contractions... SO technically he can come at any minute. And let me tell you, I sure hope he does. I'm so ready for the pregnancy part to be over... I can't WAIT to sleep on my back.

Anyways, so besides the closeness of everything, I've been having contractions... Not the kind that matter just yet, but I've been having them nonstop since Monday. Sometimes they're a minute apart, other times they're 20 minutes apart -- it's real special. Especially when you have to sit there and sort of pay attention to them. So Monday night, they kept me up ALL FREAKING NIGHT... So I worked from home on Tuesday because I was so worn out. And all I kept thinking in all of these moments was, this is a time when that la maz class really would've come in handy. Instead, I had to call the hospital and ask when to know it was "go time".

So that's pretty much where things stand at this point. I'm really hoping he comes every day -- I have bets he'll come on St. Patrick's Day, Drew thinks he's coming on our anniversary, March 21st... and if we're all wrong, we can at least bank on March 26th I guess.

On another note, our master bedroom remodel should be complete tomorrow, so at least the baby waited until that was finished before he got here... It'll be nice to have everything organized and put up and stuff...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ready to Pop...

So, I think I have a lot to say in this post, but we'll find out as I start writing it. First thing -- my new company threw me a surprise baby shower this week! And while I vow to never write anything about work, it was so amazingly sweet and I just can't believe they thought enough of me to do that!! It was so great, they got us gifts and went through the trouble of decorating and had a cute cake and even had Drew there as a surprise! Anyways, I LOVED* IT!

Ok, so I went back to the doctor Wednesday, and while I only gained 1 pound, the baby went from measuring 37 weeks to measuring 39 weeks. Oh, did I mention I'm 36 weeks??? SO.... I now have to go get an ultrasound early Monday morning to see how big the baby is, and if he's too big, he's coming out early (yahoo!, I can only hope this is going to happen for my sake)... Ya know, before I was worried about what the heck I'm going to do with a newborn, but now, I'm so sick of being pregnant (wait, that's been going on), that I could care less about the delivery or anything after that... GET THIS KID OUT!

Nothing's really changed except everything is horribly uncomfortable and my cervix is facing the front, which apparently has to happen before your water can break or you can go into labor... So let's get this thing going as far as I'm concerned...

SO, here's a recap of the last 9 months:

Weeks 1 - 10: was told we can't have children, was preparing for surgery and meeting with infertility specialists
Week 11: I'm Pregnant! Surprised? -- that doesn't even begin to cover it...
Week 12: baby is good, but I have a blood infection
Week 13: Hello nausea and weightloss
Week 14 - 33: More nausea and some weight gain, two viruses which required trips to the hospital for IVs, one trip to the hospital for unexplainable bleeding, and about 5 severe colds
Week 20 or so: Baby drops
Week 33 and on: Crazy weight gain some weeks, Braxton Hicks contractions, baby growing like he's on steroids...

It's really been an awesome experience... I would honestly say the last trimester has been the easiest on me, except for the discomfort with sleeping and moving and all that...

Oh, and since we didn't know we were expecting we had just put in wood floors in half our house and remodeled the guest bathroom. Now, we're in the middle of remodeling our master bedroom, closet and bathroom and it's getting down to crunch time. Hopefully everything will be done right before the baby gets here, but I'm about to have a meltdown over it... I can't have a baby in a house with a bunch of paint fumes...

Anyways with all the complaining (and I could go ON and ON), I cannot wait to meet Gage and see his sweet little face!! I wonder how big he is, what he looks like, his expressions, etc!

Say a prayer the bathroom gets done immediately and that Gage comes soon! I'm sure I'll have more later!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

35 .... or 37?

Geez, I have just completely hit a wall this week. I mean, not only do I look and feel over it, but my doctor completely confirmed it. So I went to the doctor Wednesday and Gage, who was measuring 33 weeks last week is now measuring 37 weeks. The nurse said he was really stretched out, but I think Gage is using steroids or something in there because I've been gaining weight really fast lately, and I haven't really gained that much previously. So then, she goes to do the pelvic exam, and says, "Oh my gosh!" And I'm thinking, the baby's coming out... And all she says is "He's really low." And I said, yes I know, the doctor told me he's sitting abnormally low... And she said (the head nurse) NO, he's REALLY low... And I'm like ya Lady, I know, I've been dealing with this since about 20 weeks, except now he's weighing in about 6 pounds! So anyways, we talked a little more and because I've been having contractions, she told me I could trigger labor...

Actually, that's not exactly how she phrased it... She said... Are you active? Now really, who is "active" at 35 weeks? Is anyone? No. By the time I go to work and run any kind of errand after work, I am NOT active. Seriously? So I respond with a very clear "NO." and that's when she said that if I start walking I could put myself into early labor... which if you've been reading my blog at all, you know that was music to my ears.

So needless to say, I've been walking some and have decided I better get that car seat in the car and have my bag packed because I just don't physically feel like I can do this another week. So we'll see.

Other than that, we're frantically trying to get our bathroom and closet/bedroom remodeled before the baby gets here because I don't think I have another month left in me. At least that baby's room is complete I guess. So lots of things happening in our world and the next few weeks should be fairly exciting. There's really nothing else to report. I go to the doctor again on Wednesday, so we'll see what happens then.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

35 Weeks... Well if I Round Up

Ok, so I'll be 35 weeks on Saturday, and since its Thursday, its basically Saturday, right? Well anyways, I haven't posted in a while, so I have lots of updates I guess...

First thing, Gage is GROWING. ... A. LOT. Beginning last Friday, I started having these awful pains in my side and in my back while I was at work. I told Drew and he said to call the doctor, so I did... well of course they just said to monitor them. Which I did... I monitored them all night in fact because the pain never went away. Then on Saturday night and Sunday night the pains were so bad they woke me up in the middle of the night. So I called the doctor again on Monday and they said the same thing -- just monitor them. So I DID... and I had them again on Tuesday and was just about to go to the doctor when I decided to wait until my appointment on Wednesday. (I know, you'd think if I was concerned, I should just go to the doctors, but I figured if my water didn't break, no sense in being dramatic) and also, I'm a little tired of all the trips to Texas Womens... I'm practically on a first name basis at this point.
Long story short, I gained 5 pounds in two weeks and literally don't know how because I've actually been eating fairly healthy and in smaller meals because my tummy just doesn't have the capacity for one big meal. Anyways, they did an exam and they just said all the pain is Braxton Hicks contractions and the rest is because the baby sits so low and now he's larger than before.


The thing is -- THIS is the best I'm going to feel for the remainder of the pregnancy. Literally, THIS is as good as it is going to get until they give me drugs and I push this kid out. And there's not a darn thing I can do about it.

Let's hope this doesn't last another 5 weeks. You know, all those baby books say to talk to your baby. Do you know what I tell my baby? I say, "Gage, its ok if you want to go ahead and show yourself to us in two more weeks. I am uncomfortable and crowded to... Just wait a few more weeks so we know you'll be healthy and go ahead and come out. You don't need to wait until April to make your entrance. I'm comfortable with you arriving early - everything is ready on our side." As a matter of fact, I tell Gage this several times a day. We're getting our game plan together I like to think. Even the girls I work with don't see how I can manage looking and feeling like this for another 5 weeks -- they think I'm about to pop!

And on the note of feeling like this alien inside of me is going to rip through my belly button at any moment -- I sort of feel like he's so cramped that the other night when he was moving around frantically -- I literally think he was having a panic attack. That's what I told Drew -- I said honestly, I think Gage wants out and he totally flipped out in there and was moving around like crazy trying to escape... Of course, Drew just looked at me, but he doesn't understand... Sometimes there's so many movements and they're all so painful, I just know he can't be comfortable in there.

I sweat like crazy and am just grumpy all the time because I never can sleep. Drew walks around mad at me because the house is freezing cold and he doesn't have enough blankets and I walk around the house in a t-shirt and am sweating all the time! It's insane!

Onward... So, my hair desperately needed to be redone, but because I'm so uncomfortable, I really don't want to go get my hair done because I don't want to sit in the chair for a few hours. It just sounds like a pain. SO, when I went to the grocery store on Saturday, I thought, no biggie, I'll just die my hair brown this time and then I'll get it redone in April after the baby's here. WRONG. I used brown hair dye and ended up turning my hair RED.

Drew kept telling me its crimson -- which , have I mentioned Drew's new name for me is Heavy P? You read that right...

Anyways, I knew it was a really bad red, but I was like, oh red fades fast and it's not that bad, etc...

Well, on Sunday, I went outside and caught a glimpse in the sun and was like, WHOA! I can't go to work like this! So I had to call my hairdresser and explain what happened and have it redone. Anyways, she told me what to get from the store so right now its just dyed dark brown, which clearly I don't mind, but it's not my favorite. I'll keep it like this for now and then adjust later.

Let's see... what else? Finishing up the last of the baby to do list this weekend since clearly Gage and I have our own delivery plans separate from God's. Since he'll be here sooner than people think, we need to get everything wrapped up.

You know -- I hate doing laundry, but I like doing his. I think I like how little the clothes are...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thought for the Day

Being fat and then getting pregnant just adds insult to injury.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Life After Baby

So this weekend was rather boring, which frankly I really liked. There's been enough excitement in my world lately so I was down with it. We did make another trip to Texas Women's -- but this time it was for a Life After Baby class.
The class itself was really good -- the teacher made it enjoyable and I really felt like we got some good pointers that may help us later -- but the weird part about the class was all the other people attending it. So, at one point, this Nigerian couple in the back (well I think that's where they were from, their accents were so heavy hardly anyone could understand them in the room) asked this question. "Sometimes I see my friends toss their baby in the air, or shake them by their arm, but the baby doesn't seem like it likes it. Is this ok to do?"
Drew and I were looking at each other like, "what is this guy thinking?" Ha, the teacher was like, "Sir, if you see anyone do that, you need to report them..." Ha, it was a strange moment for sure.
Then, at another time in the class, the teacher was telling us how to clean around the umbilical cord stump with alcohol in those first few days, and the same couple asked, "What percentage alcohol?" LOL, she was like, just regular rubbing alcohol, you don't need to go to the liquor store or anything... Ha, this couple was so random, I was like I don't know what village ya'll flew in from, but I sure don't think you should be around a baby...
Then there was another couple, I think they might've been from Russia and they seemed to have a really hard time understanding that babies and kids have to ride in car seats or booster seats... they KEPT asking over and over why kids have to ride in booster seats? The teacher was so annoyed, she kept saying "Its the law"... Then the Russian lady really stumped her when she asked if she was going to have to put her booster seat on the bus when her baby or kid rode the bus... Ha, Drew and I were just sitting in the back laughing...
Anyways, all in all it was a good class and I'm glad we took it, so we'll really see how useful it is in a couple more weeks.
Other than that, we just hung out with friends and enjoyed the nice weather this weekend. Hope everyone else had a great weekend!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Well, it's not like anyone wasn't aware, but I AM SO OVER BEING PREGNANT. Like, after a while, I started being content with the issues I'd been having.... UNTIL SUNDAY.

So, I woke up Sunday and Drew offered to make breakfast tacos. Breakfast tacos? That doesn't sound bad... I mean, nothing except the tortilla really sounded appetizing, but I haven't eaten breakfast tacos in 8 months, so maybe they would be ok....

WELL, naturally, I took two bites and decided they weren't for me. About 5 minutes after that, I went to the bathroom and threw up the small amount of breakfast taco I had eaten. Perfect, nausea over for the day. UNTIL...

I sat down and started watching TV and told Drew I really wasn't feeling well and decided not to run any of my errands... Instead, I walked around, tried to eat a pear (which always sounds yummy), propped my feet up, you name it... Drew left to go party for the SuperBowl -- yes, he left around 11 to start drinking, and I was fine with that... Well, right after he left I felt my throat get fresh... So I walked to the bathroom... And I knew I was going to puke...
And then I remembered that Drew gets really upset when I throw up in the sink, he always wants me to puke in the toilet... so as I briskly walked to the toilet trying to make it, I projectile vomited like the exorcist across the room!!! It was awful... Boy, I thought, glad that's over with... Now life can resume... UNTIL...
I tried to eat lunch. A PB&J and some pineapple sounded good.... I got about halfway through and raced to the bathroom again to puke... NU-UH, not this girl... I'm smarter than this -- I've got a virus again, I thought. SO, I called Drew to come home because I felt like something was up, and began taking my dissolvable nausea medicine because I thought that would do the trick. I skip right over the actual pills, I move straight to the stuff that is going to get in my system the fastest... AH relief...
UNTIL... about 6 pm, I threw up all over again and I said screw it. Drew and I packed it up and headed to Texas Women's for an IV. Now, let me tell you, I totally thought I was being proactive on this. The first time I got this virus, I went to Texas Women's after I puked 10 times, and I needed 2 litres of fluid. THIS TIME, I was on top of it... I caught it early... So I thought for sure they'll pump me full of fluid and I'll be ON.MY.WAY.
NOPE. This time, I needed 3 litres of fluid, so we watched the Superbowl there, the nurse naturally missed my vein, so she had to use both arms and she walked away with a bloody towel (which always makes you feel good when you're already nauseas and haven't eaten), and we hung out until 2 am. Drew slept on the little couch and I felt really bad for him. It's even gotten to the point where this is so routine, that when I have to pee at the hospital, and I need help pulling the IV, the baby monitor and all the cords with me, Drew won't even help... He's like, you can do it...
So anyways, after 7 hours, a Superbowl, a couple episodes of Entourage and Friends, we were able to head back home. ONLY to find out my grandma fell Monday morning at 5 am and is back in the hospital. My dad had surgery Wednesday and my mom has been playing nurse for both of them. I'd really like to help, but it's to the point now, where I have to concern myself with my health, so I just sit at home and do nothing. Our bathroom is supposed to be getting remodeled, but frankly, everyone's so overwhelmed, I could care less how long it sits torn up. There's just too much bad stuff going on.

And on another note, what really concerns me, is every time I go to the hospital, they ask if I have a living will... I mean, I'm here for an IV, what else is going to happen that I would need that??? And in the back of my mind, EVERY TIME, I think, Gosh, I really need to do a will...

So besides that, I'm feeling great (an IV and a good nights sleep really works wonders on me), I went to the doctor yesterday and am 32 weeks and have gained 27 pounds total... so that's a good thing. My doctor was happy with it and she's the nicest lady in the world, so I always feel good when I don't disappoint her...

The only thing I really have to complain about is this:

My boobs now rest on my belly, which rests on my thighs, which now rub together, which rest on my swolen ankles. If that's not motivation to lose all this weight and more I don't know what is.... I can't sleep, I am just so freaking uncomfortable... It's just everywhere, I don't even know how to cross my arms or where to rest them because there's just no comfortable way to do this... The only thing I'm grateful for right now is the fact that I don't have any stretch marks... knock on wood. I guess this could change on a day-by-day basis...

Other than all the complaining, I had a baby shower in Temple last weekend and it was wonderful! Gage got lots of great things, so other than baby classes, finishing up the nursery and getting a few more things, we're down for the count!

Say lots of prayers for the family -- well everyone really.... Everyone needs it these days!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sick... Again...

Oh my Gosh.... I'm sick again. I've been sick for a week now and it's still not gone, and I was sick for two weeks a month ago. Its insane... and the fact that I can't just overdose on cold medicine really doesn't help... I got some thing called a NetiPot or whatever... and I don't know what all the hype is, it provides temporary relief, but definitely not what I need. So anyways, Drew is stir crazy and is just doing stuff to get out of the house (even though there's really nowhere to go because of the weather) and I'm just laying on the couch with a roll of toilet paper to blow my nose :(

32 weeks pregnant now and I have all these mixed feelings... I'm having a baby in 8 weeks! I'm having a baby in 8 weeks.... (!) I'm sure anyone whose been pregnant before can totally understand my feelings, a part of me can't wait - and the other part of me feels slightly overwhelmed frankly. I read the baby books, but frankly, really can't remember what any of them said... and I don't want to read them again. I also feel like there's nowhere left for my stomach to go. Gage is sitting so low -- literally, that my stomach droops over my pants like someone whose morbidly obese. I even showed Drew and he just stares in disbelief... There is nowhere else for me to go except out -- and I'm fine with that, except that I can't get in and out of my car now, or walk without waddling, or put my seat belt on in one smooth move -- I just can't do anything. If I try to bend down, I may as well just sit on the floor because its easier... AND once again, now that I'm sick, every time I sneeze I end up peeing a little. It's completely annoying.

Besides the baby, which is obviously the main point in our life, there's some other exciting things going on in our life -- which hopefully one day I can update everyone on. 2010 and so far 2011 has been such a time of blessings for us that its totally amazing. BUT, now that I think about it, 2010 also put Drew and I through a lot of struggles -- and our Pastor once said during a sermon that God doesn't give you what you can handle -- God will always overwhelm you, good or bad (as part of a test of your faith, but also because he knows you can handle it) And, I would agree -- God completely overwhelmed us previously for the worse, and now we're completely overwhelmed for the better. Never doubt that HE has a plan for you, even if its not the one you want, or you doubt and question constantly. In the end, God puts you exactly where you're supposed to be and if you can trust in that, then things will always work out!

And I'm out!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Can I get any bigger?

Geez... what a weekend. I am so tired, I just woke up from a 2 hour nap!!

Last week at work was crazy (good crazy, it was just busy), and then I had a doctor's appointment on Friday. I gained five pounds in two weeks (uh oh), so the doctor told me she wanted me to see a dietician to make sure I'm eating correctly. Blah... Baby Gage is still growing and doing good -- I guess we're to the point where he doesn't have room left to do a lot in my stomach, so now when he moves, my whole stomach moves... It's cool to watch and everyone can see and feel him more, but it also is a lot more uncomfortable.
This weekend we went to Mike and Hilary's amazing wedding, and then today we tore out our master bathroom to have that redone before Gage gets here! So much going on and only two months left before he gets here... and there are days (like today) where I get so tired or sore/uncomfortable from going to the grocery store that I just don't think I can make it any longer!
Oh -- so I had the most amazing, beautiful baby shower last weekend and I got so many great things -- I spent the whole rest of the weekend organizing and putting things up in his room... There's still lots we need -- but I think that will be the catch phrase for the next 18 years of my life! We got a lot of wonderful things, so I was so excited!
Looking forward to this week. 31 weeks pregnany and baby shower #2 is this weekend!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

What a Weekend!

Whew! What a long and exhausting weekend, but a great one!
Drew went out of town to go hunting on Tuesday night, so it's just been me and Gage until Sunday. I had a pretty eventful week -- Tuesday I was by myself and then Wednesday I went out to dinner with my friend Courtney. Then Thursday my family was in town for a memorial service, so we went to that and then went and ate BBQ (oh yeah!)... Then Friday Jennifer stayed with me because she came in town for my baby shower. We ran a few errands and then went to dinner at Escalante's -- which was so good, but we were literally at dinner from 7:30 - 11! It was so busy and then we took a while that we were there all night! It was so good seeing her and hanging out!
Then Saturday, we all went to Brio for my first baby shower, and it was AMAZING! All the decorations and everything about it was so cute and I just couldn't have imagine anything better! Oh -- and I got some awesome gifts: bouncer, swing, entertainer, sterilizer, bottles, etc. etc, the list goes on and on! I just can't believe I got so many wonderful things! And it makes me feel really blessed that so many people helped to make the shower so amazing and so many people came and brought great gifts for Gage. This baby is truly loved!
Anyways, after the shower my Aunts and Grandma came over to see the nursery and visited for a while, and then Drew's mom and I went shopping. I was glad she was there because I FINALLY made a decision on art for the baby's room and it looks so good!
So, I've spent the rest of the weekend trying to somewhat organize my soon-to-be new life and cleaning and putting things away that I can! I AM EXhausted!
And I'm glad Drew's coming home so he can put some of these things together and we can get some of these boxes together...

Anyways, next weekend I have no plans and then here comes February and I'm booked up!! I just can't believe!!

Happy Weekend!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

11 more weeks...

Ugh... so I finally got to see the Dr on Friday. I've gained 20 pounds total, which she said was good considering I told her I eat cheeseburgers and cokes and ice cream nearly every day, but then I reminded her of the fun fact that I still projectile vomit every day, and that was probably the reason for me not being morbidly obese at this point.
Then I told her about the crazy pain I've been having and the contractions and she did an exam just to make sure I wasn't dilated... WELL, I'm NOT dilated, BUT the baby is sitting abnormally low and she said that I was lucky my uterus was on top of my bladder right now (apparently my uterus is farther back than normal) because she said if my uterus was on top of my cervix with as low as he's sitting, it could cause me to dilate!!! And while I'm not thrilled about the possibility of having him this early (ya I want it over with, but not at 29 weeks), I was soooo happy to have someone have a little bit of sympathy for me. I knew the pains I was having couldn't be normal!! And to back up a little bit -- ya that's right -- the baby's head is right on top of my bladder, which happens to every pregnant person, but it's typically in the last few weeks when they're so uncomfortable -- not 2 1/2 months prior. And just in case you were wondering, you can imagine how incredibly painful it is to have something hard pushing on your bladder all day long -- it's causing more problems for me than I care to discuss in my blog.
I was hoping for another ultrasound to get to see the baby before the delivery, but apparently I don't get any more of those, so bummer.
Anyways, my Aunt came by on Saturday with the baby bedding and drapes (which turned out adorable i think)... but it also made me realize the crib sheet I bought is the wrong color. So probably starting in February I'll start decorating in there and get everything finalized -- I don't know why, but it's really hard to decorate a baby's room I'm finding. I really need to go get a new fan for that room already...
On another note, my whole families in Ireland, except for Drew and I, and judging from their pictures they're having a great time! I can't wait until they get back so I can see and hear all about it. They land on Tuesday, but I don't know when...
Nothing else to report really... I always think I have a lot to write and then when I get down to it, I really don't have that much... Oh well, updated pics of the nursery below, things are coming along!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

When does Life begin vs. When does Love begin?

I have a lot to point out in this blog, I haven't written in a while, but really none of it focuses on me except for a few points.
A - puked my breakfast away this morning as usual
B - passed my diabetes test - which is really great news, but after I found out my doctor induces at 38 weeks if you have gestational diabetes, I was a little bit bummed I didn't have it after all. I can't even imagine how uncomfortable I'll be at that point because I can hardly get by with things right now -- and I don't even look that big! Oh well.
C - The whole family is in Ireland without us... So they better enjoy!

Ok, on to something super serious. I was reading this morning and there was an article about a woman who used to work at Planned Parenthood, and since witnessing and participating in her first abortion, she quit her job, became pro-life and then wrote a book about what made her change her mind. Anyways, there was a link from the article to the first chapter in her book, which you can read for free and it details the experience she had watching an abortion. Well, I read it. I was so disturbed by what I read... I mean as an expectant mom -- or someone who wanted kids, its heartwrenching. Looking at it from an outside angle as someone who believes in abortion, I don't see how you could read the excerpt and not realize what actually takes places when you go in for that procedure! It really was awful to read, and yet something I think everyone should read... So I posted the link to the website... and when you read that, you can click on the link to the first chapter of the book:

I really wish more people were aware of what happens to the baby because I think more people would be smarter in their decisions!

I'm not sure if anyone read George Bush's book Decision Points, but George and Laura struggled to have kids and were actually in the process of adopting when Laura found out she was pregnant. He talks about when he saw the first ultrasound and how much he loved his daughters in that instant. Well, later in the book, when George talked about the right to use embryos for stem cell research he refused to pass legislation because he argued that the embryos were valid lives and not just a cell. He brings up the question to the reader, when does a fetus become a baby ? While there's no real answer to this question, his response in his book is that its not so much when does life begin, but when does love begin? Is it the first time parents see the baby or find out they're pregnant or is it once the baby is born? Anyways, when you put things into perspective like that -- when do you first feel love for your child, I would answer its instant. If you agree with this viewpoint and then you read the first chapter and what happens in an abortion procedure, its just horrifying to think about what takes place...

Anyways, read the chapter of the book, please -- its only a few pages, and write comments on what you think! I feel like my thoughts on everything sort of ramble above, so forgive me if I'm not making sense!

My Aunt's coming down this weekend with the baby's bedding, so the room is getting one step closer to being finished! I'll post pictures as soon as I receive!!

More to come later, maybe I'll have an awesome weekend! and sorry this post is so serious, I just thought everyone should read that chapter in that book...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

3 Months and Counting

Well, there's not much to update you on except I'm officially having a baby in less than three months! And with that come some definite changes in pregnancy --
1. The nausea is back. Not that it ever officially went away, but it was gone for about 6 weeks.
2. The ability to sleep is entirely gone.
3. The baby moves rather violently sometimes, which makes me wonder what's going on in there.
4. The full lung capacity I thought I had has completely gone.
5. Weird cramping in my stomach is now taking place
6. I could literally pee every 30 minutes. And then some.

... which leads me to believe that this baby is bound and determined to come in March. However, the women I talk to ASSURE ME that it is what it is at this point and that all these side effects do not, in fact, point to early labor. It just means I'm getting closer to the end.

On an exciting note, the nursery is getting closer to completion. Everything is in its place, except for decor and bedding (which should be here by Jan. 15th!), so I'm pretty pumped about that. All I'll need after that are the baby essentials like diapers and finger nail clippers, oh and a stroller! It feels so surreal that April is just around the corner.

As for home renovations, Drew and I decided that instead of doing a stand up shower in our master bathroom, we're just going to do a standard remodel, which I believe will take place in February/March. We're also building out our closet, so all of that will be complete before Baby Gage arrives! Since we'll no longer have dressers in our bedroom, I think we'll end up getting a King size bed, which I never really thought we needed until I got pregnant. Now I see it's a MUST.

Other than that, life is just moving right along at this point. In case you're unaware, this is Drew's "Birthday Month", so we'll be celebrating that all January, and my family leaves for Ireland on the 13th, which I know they're excited for.

I'll be 28 weeks Friday, so only 12 more official weeks to go!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm still sick

So, its officially been longer than a week and I'm still sick! I'm feeling a lot better, but honestly, I can't get rid of this junk! Anyways,...

Its officially 2011, and we did absolutely nothing to ring in the New Year except go and eat Mexican food, where I choked on a spice in the salsa and proceeded to have a coughing attack in Escalante's. We were home by 7:30 from dinner on Friday and went to bed before 11. It was pretty exciting. Oh -- and we rented the movie the American with George Clooney and it totally sucked. Sometimes he chooses the most bazaar movies to star in.

Then on Saturday we decided to go get the blinds and door knobs for the closet in Gage's room. Well, when you have to get blinds cut down at Lowe's, you have to have someone come work the machine... and its pretty basic, they just fill out the touch screen and then the machine cuts the blinds. Well, the girl helping us was not the most educated at all, because when we were trying to tell her to click on the "Faux' Wood blinds", because that's what we had -- she kept going, "You mean the Fox Wood blinds? Drew and I just paused and looked at her and were like yep, the fox wood blinds... Ha, it was really funny because she said it about four times over. I guess depending on how you read my blog, you might think that's really funny.... or you might not... BUT IT WAS.

So yesterday we made black eyed peas and collared greens to bring us luck and money in the New Year because we sure could use it! Hopefully we'll get some money -- we've been pretty strong on luck for a while now, so I'm not sure we have anything in store for 2011. That'd be cool if we did though... it never hurts to hope!

Nothing else exciting has happened really. We sat outside and had a little fire in our firepit last night and again, went to bed around 10. I'm totally comfortable going to bed early. I like getting a full day in and not wasting it away on sleeping -- but both Drew and I have been morning people ever since I can remember.

So -- off to a great 2011 start, and in exactly 90 days, baby Gage will be here (hopefully he doesn't drag this out any longer than it needs to be)!