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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Another weekend down...

Not much happened this weekend. Drew went to a bachelor party and I had an inner-ear infection, so G and I just chilled at the house. In case you've never had an inner ear infection, it's similar to vertigo. Your equilibrium is off, and I basically stumbled around like a drunk sailor. It's very strange not being able to control your balance when you're sober. I don't recommend it that's for sure. So I went to the dr and he told me to take Bonine (it's exactly like dramamine). Motion sickness pills are great, except these knocked me on my a*& and I ended up sleeping almost all day Saturday and Sunday because of it!

Other than that, I hate it being this hot! It would be one thing if I were in the Caymans floating in the water, but it's so hot, I can't take G out to run errands (not that I feel like going). I mean you just can't do anything. BLeh!

Drew and I are in the middle of re-landscaping, but I think everyone knew that. Otherwise, I'm obsessed with watching Entourage, Teen Mom, Teen Wolf, The Marriage Ref, and every other trashy TV show that comes on.

Life is great otherwise. God is Good! Have a great week!!

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