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Sunday, July 31, 2011

4 Months and Counting

Gosh, it's so hard to post these days... Where does the time go? There's really not much to report other than Gage is growing so big so fast! It's so cliche, but he's growing up so fast! I took him to the doctor earlier this week and he was 19.5 pounds and 27" tall, so still off the growth charts. But he's big and happy so who's complaining? The new thing now besides his rolling over is he SQUEALS constantly! He always likes to sit in his high chair while Drew and I eat dinner I think just to feel like he's at the table wtih us and he squeals and "talks" the whole time! Wonder where he got his conversation skills from !!?? Anyways, I need to take his 4 month photo, so I'll try and do that tomorrow. Other than that, went to a friends baby shower this weekend and when I got home, Drew had teh whole front yard ripped out! Needless to say we're relandscaping now...

Gage at this point:
-being tickled
-FOOD -- all of it. He ate a whole avocado today and a bottle!
-the dogs

-a dirty diaper
-waiting to be fed
-his car seat
and personally, I don't blame him on his car seat because I feel bad even putting him in there. I mean he hardly fits in it, and on top of that, it's 100 degrees! I just feel bad even putting him in there. But he is so freaking smiley other than that, that it's ok.

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