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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

14 weeks

At least I think he's 14 weeks... I can't remember... I know he's 3 1/2 months old so that's good enough for me. Nothing new to discuss. We went to my parent's for the 4th and had all these plans to hang out with people, but when we were out on the jetski we ran out of oil and had to get towed in and the boat all our friends were renting apparently caught an electrical fire and they weren't able to meet up with us... What a random weekend, right?
Anyways other than that, I'm completely floored and sickened by the Casey Anthony case. I just can't believe! tHAT GIRL TOTALLY GOT AWAY WITH MURDER...
So Gage is all sorts of fun these days:
-sweet potatoes
-apple sauce
-his pacifier

-being changed
-dirty diapers
-he hates when he's not fed immediately, he totally loses it!

So, I had a lot of reservations about taking Gage to day care, but honestly, I LOVE IT! Every time I go there I feel so good about dropping him off, he's always so smiley there and the people who watch him are so nice!! It makes me feel so much better about returning to work when he's there. And I'll be honest, I'm so happy being back at work!
Off for now, will have more later!

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