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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

San Antonio and New Braunfels

Well, our trip to the river is over and it was a lot of fun! All the kids/cousins got to meet each other and let me tell you, Ella sure does love Gage... She would not stop kissing and doting on him all weekend! He liked it too, he just kept smiling and laughing at her. It was also fun when Ella told me she'd have a baby in her belly soon. I told her that was great and she should tell her dad that because he'd be really proud. LOL.
Besides the river we made a quick trip to San Antonio to see my grandma. She's in assisted living up there and the second Drew and I walked in there was line dancing going on in the dining room. I was like, where are we??? Anyways, between the walkers lining the hallway and the issue she had with EVERY waiter in the dining room at lunch, the visit was really good. I start work on Monday and am looking forward to it even though I'm a little nervous and anxious about returning and leaving Gage. Hopefully all goes well, but it'll be nice to return to some normalcy. A part of me feels like I've been on a VERY long vacation.
Anyways, nothing else is new. I take Gage to the doctor on Friday so we'll see what they have to say! Have a good week!

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