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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More house remodel

Ok, I know i'm really terrible at posting on a consistent basis, but I have more house photos. I have been really swamped at work, btu I do have some enlightening info for everyone.

#1 here are some more pics... we're finishing up with tile this week, so then I'll go full force wiht the decorating.

ok so i bought the republic of texas flag and it looks great in our entry way but now I've decided i need to paint the lower section of hte wall a darker brown... so check back for that update... that's the formal dining on the right... i just need to put the baseboards in adn move the furniture back around!
This is just another close up of the picture. Drew told me he's dreamed of having one of these for years now (i have no clue why), so I posted this for him :)
ok this is the table i bought and decorations for under hte TV in our bedroom. Disregard hte wires, we've got to hide those. My day laborer is going to do that this weekend. anyways, if you've been over you know it looks really good and is starting to shape up. and if you haven't been over, I htink we're going to have a halloween party on Oct. 31. Not a dress up party, just a drinking, watch the trick or treaters party so if you want to come, let me know.

alright so i tried boot camp -- didn't work. I gained weight from it. So now I'm trying weight watchers. I've been doing it for a week and have lost 4 pounds! yes, isn't that great, I'm halfway to my first goal (7 pounds)... actually more than halfway.

then a lady at work today told me i looked thinner and i said thanks... then she told me i was getting up there..... seriously? i really appreciate that from a 70 year old woman who has had so much botox her face looks younger than mine and her hands look worse than my grandmas. I mean who says that... seh's got me so worked up I'll be damned if I don't lose 3 pounds this week!!!

more to come...

Monday, October 5, 2009

House Update

Ok, I know i've been really terrible about updating my blog, but the truth is, it's hard to come up with fascinating content every day... Anyways, here are some pictures of our house and how the remodel is going... More pics to come in the next few weeks when we have baseboards and all our furniture moved back in... but here's a sneak peek!

House Before:

House After:

(we thought this was an important picture to take)

and content to come soon, sorry I've just been so busy at work!